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Tuesday, August 20th, 2002

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Poll 990
Division East Division Semi Final
Match # 51
Match Date Tuesday, August 20th, 2002
Vote difference 30,917
Crono - 33.05%
(5,541 brackets)

As in denial as people were about it coming into this match, Lara Croft's performances in the first two rounds indicated that she was in a lot of trouble, not to mention the fact that Chop Chop Master Onion and Ryo Hazuki weren't nearly as strong as they looked; they were simply facing a character weak enough to make them look that way.

But if the warning signs weren't clear enough, Lara getting flat-out mauled by Crono in this match sure as hell was. Croft, a 1 seed, was held under 30% by Crono in this match. I don't care how weak you are; there is no excuse to score under 30% in any match as a 1 seed. This matchup not only proved that Lara Croft was an absolute fraud in that position, but that Crono was a serious player in this contest. He was growing stronger with each match, and he was in serious contention to take down Solid Snake after such a performance. Crono's wasn't necessarily going to win, but saying that Snake had an easy win after Crono's dominance in this match was foolish. Snake's match with Aeris could have been a good indicator of how well he would do against Crono, considering that Crono was clearly stronger than Aeris was. Only time would tell.

As for Lara Croft, there was no reason at all to overseed her this badly ever again. She was an absolute embarassment to her seeding, and if you didn't actually look at the seedings in this match, you may make the mistake of getting them backwards. Croft was simply that bad in a match that she seemed doomed to lose from the start. Contenders don't allow the likes of Chop Chop Master Onion to break 30% on them.

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