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Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2450
Division Snake Division Final
Match # 26
Match Date Thursday, July 27th, 2006
Vote difference 22,841
Metal Gear - 56.97%
118 for - 8 against
Metal Gear - 46.21%
(21,348 brackets)

(1) Metal Gear vs (3)Castlevania


Actually, Kingdom Hearts was supposed to be in the match. It did beat CV fair and square, after all. But for whatever reason, Castlevania was the bottom option for the first minute or two of the poll. After one of the funniest board explosions of all time (Alucard's Plan had been a three year fad prior to this poll glitch, for those not in the know), CJayC didn't even bother restarting or making a topic. He just fixed the option to Kingdom Hearts and let things roll. So with that said, I'll do the same.

After the fix, things were pretty much boring the rest of the way. With Solid Snake v Sora a mere year old, we already had a blueprint for how this match would go: Metal Gear jumps out to a nice lead early, KH slashes a lot of percentage off during its killer day vote before ultimately losing with ease. The only difference between this match and Snake/Sora is that Snake/Sora came completely out of left field. Sora was trashed, to the point where his percentage recovery was something that no one gave a crap about. With KH, it was just a swing that everyone expected, but knew meant nothing. MG was going to win this match with ease regardless.

The only thing out of the ordinary about this match was the horrid prediction percentage. Apparently that pre-contest poll about the most likely 1 seed to fall early had an effect on people, because Halo really seemed like the consensus pick to win the division. As it would turn out however we saw four divisional finals of 1 > 2.

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