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Round Five


Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2559
Round Tournament Semi Final
Match # 61
Match Date Saturday, November 11th, 2006
Vote difference 13,905
Samus - 53.73%
81 for - 8 against
Samus - 41.17%
(17,557 brackets)

After Samus's ridiculous tank job against Tifa, Zelda possibly rSFFing her to death was somewhat possible, and it may very well have gone down that way if Twilight Princess were released mid-contest. As it stood though, what we saw in the first few minutes was essentially the entire match; 55-45, Samus wins in very consistent fashion.

Pretty boring, though it's funny to note that Zelda did over 4% better on Samus than Ganondorf did despite Zelda being perceived as the weaker character of the two. On that note, Zelda probably did rSFF Samus a lot in this match, but obviously not nearly enough for the win. This seems like an impressive match given what went down a mere four days prior, but if the Tifa match never happened we'd all be accusing Samus of yet again bombing against a Nintendo character.

This win put Samus into the finals, though not in the manner everyone expected. Samus once seemed like a lock, but at this point the door was slightly open for either Snake or Sonic to do something special.

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