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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2115
Round Zebes Division Final
Match # 50
Match Date Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
Vote difference 17,413
Samus - 62.43%
71 for - 1 against
Samus - 49.86%
(16,849 brackets)

It was an absolute given that Samus would win this match, but the underlying story was how she would stack up to Mario's impressive performance on Zero not one day prior. Either Mario increased, Mario SFFd Zero, or Zero somehow was overrated. Regardless of which, if Samus failed to impress against Ganon in this match she was in for a world of hurt come the next round.

Unfortunately for Samus, after bracket and board votes had her over 70% for a few seconds, Ganon was quickly able to level off her percentage and get her down into the low 60s. It grew even worse for Samus as the match progressed, because not only was Ganon able to get her under 60% before the end, but the vote totals in this match were downright sad. And while one could note that vote totals are almost always low in SFF matches, Mario/Zero brought in over 107,000 votes in the very match prior to this. And if SFF matches always have low vote totals, would this not mean that there was likely very little SFF in Mario/Zero in the first place?

Even worse for Samus is that she herself was only barely able to SFF Ganon in the match. 2004 Ganon would be expected to score 41% on 2004 Samus, and all Samus really did in this match was score enough SFF to cancel out the 2-3% Zelda boost that has showed up since last year.

How anyone could compare this match to Mario/Zero and still assume that Samus had any chance in hell of beating Mario was absolutely beyond me, but that didn't stop a whole hell of a lot of people from bringing up the "BUT T3H SCAMUS IS SUPPOSED TO SC0R 56% MARIO NEEDS R ESS EFF EFF TO WIN AND HE CANT DO IT lolz" nonsense.

Nonsense that we Mario fans would only have to deal with for one more week before getting to laugh our damn asses off for hours on end.

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