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Round Five


Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2560
Round Tournament Semi Final
Match # 62
Match Date Sunday, November 12th, 2006
Vote difference 13,767
Solid Snake - 50.68%
59 for - 33 against
Solid Snake - 27.08%
(11,549 brackets)

This match was up in the air in terms of who would win, and then it actually started. 1 ripped into 2 even worse than 1 had ripped into....

Err..... [1]

(Thanks Zen!)

When the match restarted error-free, Snake made Sonic look worse than Mega Man, and by a hefty amount for a damn long while. Sonic was all the way down to 41.75% at one point (Mega finished with 44.67% on Snake) during Snake's downright sick night vote push, and it really did look like Mega Man would be able to save some face.

But Sonic had his surefire beast day vote push ready to go, and despite only winning a couple of updates all match, Sonic recovered a lot of percentage during said day vote. Finally, during the after-school block, Sonic passed the magical 44.67% barrier and never looked back. He ended up breaking 45% with 6 hours left in the match, and was barely able to hang on to the percentage before the match finally ended.

In 2005, Snake finally broke through and made a Final Four. In 2006, behind a rather massive Nintendo-related boost, Snake made the finals of the entire contest with a damn vengeance. And who knows, maybe Samus would tank against Snake the same way she did against Tifa and give Snake the win outright.

This has already been discussed, but something really flukish happened with the Snake/Mega Man/Sonic trio. Mega Man tanked the entire contest while Sonic looked as strong as he always has, yet it took Sonic over 15 hours to get a higher percentage on Snake than Mega Man. Something doesn't really add up, and I think it's entirely Nintendo-related. Mega Man's fanbase is largely Nintendo, while Sonic's is less so. If you ask me, Mega Man overperformed on Snake by a fairly decent amount thanks to the main reason for Snake's boost (Brawl announcement) being much less of a factor given Mega's fanbase. rSFF, if you will. And then there's the whole thing about Mega Man being stronger than Crono in the stats following this contest, which makes zero sense given their match last year.

Given the overall performances of the final four male characters, Mega Man is the most likely to be blamed for anything odd given how badly he tanked every match prior to facing Snake. That 44.67% was a gift, because all signs said he should have done much worse.

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