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Round One


Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2515
Division Patriot Division
Match # 17
Match Date Thursday, September 28th, 2006
Vote difference 70,210
Solid Snake - 79.83%
135 for - 0 against
Solid Snake - 96.56%
(41,179 brackets)

The biggest reason why everyone hated the male/female idea were the massive amount of snubs. Knuckles, Magus, Ness, Kefka, DK, Nightmare, Raiden, Fox, and probably a ton of other characters I'm forgetting were all booted in favor of seeing characters like Jade, Alyx Vance, Daisy and Nidoran F. I'm all for the spring being a quirky little twist, but call me a traditionalist for the summer contests. Gogogo 64 characters and such. And I get that this contest ended up being a good one, but think back to how this thing was before Snake/Mega Man before anointing and such. But I'm getting way ahead of myself.

Before nearly every contest, we see a poll that looks like this:

And it's funny as hell when those polls pan out, but more on that when it's appropriate. At the time Snake/Soma took place, Snake was still widely believed by many to be the weak link of the Noble Nine. He's had dominant performances in the past, but he's never been able to put them together late in a contest. This made it difficult to take Snake's dominant match against Soma very seriously, because this has always been his MO in the past; he goes beast early, gets a good win in the second round, looks like crap in the sprite round and then loses before he hits the Final Four. This changed a bit last year due to Snake's division being a joke and Bowser not keeping up in the sprite round, but Snake still couldn't get that NN win.

However, going nuts on Soma Cruz is a bit more impressive than wasting Tanner or Manny Calavera; people actually know who Soma Cruz is. His Castlevania series did beat Halo to a pulp all of a month or so before this contest even began. Granted Soma only stars in two handheld titles, but still. Castlevania is Castlevania, and it's tough to imagine Soma being on even ground with the star of Grim Fandango.

Grim what? Exactly. Maaaaaybe Snake showed that he meant business from day one, though to be fair it was still hard to take him too seriously after one match.

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