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Round Three


Saturday, November 4th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2552
Round Destiny Division Final
Match # 54
Match Date Saturday, November 4th, 2006
Vote difference 11,463
Mega Man - 57.00%
110 for - 1 against
Mega Man - 38.88%
(16,581 brackets)

Sora's path was about as exciting as Switzerland in World War II before his match with Mega Man, but his legacy in 2006 was exposing the hell out of Mega Man long before Snake could.

There were hints of Mega Man being way off in his first two matches, but the match with Sora was nothing short of a monumental collapse. He literally did everything short of lose outright, especially given what was expected of him pre-contest. Easy road to the Final Four before losing to Crono. Blah blah blah.

When the match first began, Mega was actually well over 60% and looked as if he'd score what he was supposed to based off of 2005 stats --- the same stats that don't even account for Snake/Sora being a fluke. Then the wheels just came off. Mega bled percentage all through the night, and he was at a measly 57% by morning. Once the morning vote hit, Sora not only sliced into Mega's percentage with ease, but actually won some updates outright.

And this was supposed to be a character worthy of "elite" status? Once the KH day vote went into full swing, Mega bled percentage all through the rest of the match and lost enough updates to prove that he had zero chance against Snake at all. Snake after all beat the hell out of Sora one year prior, while Mega struggled with him. I have no clue how anyone had faith in Mega beating Snake after this, but ces la vie or however it's spelled.

Granted there was still a slim chance of Mega pulling off what would be considered an upset after the Sora match, so I'll save my reasons for Mega's collapse for the appropriate time. As for Sora, Kingdom Hearts is the only thing Square has done well on a consistent basis since their FF7 days. If the series continues on the track it's currently on, Sora could be an elite character in a few years.

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