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Sunday, July 30th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2453
Division Tournament Semi Final
Match # 29
Match Date Sunday, July 30th, 2006
Vote difference 62,856
The Legend of Zelda - 70.11%
114 for - 0 against
The Legend of Zelda - 75.72%
(34,981 brackets)

I have to say that the match pic theme for this Final Four was genius. I thought it was crap at first, but then I saw the years on the picture. Very nice touch by Ceej.

This match is also pretty funny, now that I look back on it. There were two days left in this contest, and there were literally no signs of the pending shock upset we were two days from seeing. Sure Zelda performed to insane proportions to this point of the contest, but so did Final Fantasy. And though Zelda coming out and beating the hell out of Metal Gear was something everyone knew was coming, it wasn't the TOTAL killing that we had grown accustomed to seeing from Zelda in this contest.

Before Metal Gear came along, no series had even broken 20% on Zelda. Even more odd was that Zelda's percentage didn't really move much throughout the match. At the first freeze, it had 72.78%. At the final freeze, 73.74%. You'd expect more from the king of the day vote. I realize that Metroid and MMX saw virtually no movement, but those were probably SFF matches.

In the end, Zelda was left with an easy path to the final and an inevitable clash with Final Fantasy as the underdog. Zelda winning wouldn't have surprised anyone, but Final Fantasy was still the clear favorite for obvious reasons. Final Fantasy 7 + other FFs contributing to FF's strength meant an uphill climb for Zelda. Supposedly.

Oddly enough, the result of the final was essentially locked in before it ever happened, thanks to the insane performance Mario would put on in the other half of the Final Four.

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