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Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2441
Division Hyrule Division Semi Final
Match # 17
Match Date Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
Vote difference 78,823
The Legend of Zelda - 75.39%
125 for - 0 against
The Legend of Zelda - 95.59%
(44,161 brackets)

Before getting into the match, the match pic theme has to be brought up. Sprite rounds are generally kick-ass (though not always for the right reasons), but the thought of having dueling characters on both sides of the picture was genius on CJayC's part. And it's nice to see him use sprites from what is FAR AND AWAY THE BEST ZELDA GAME, LINK TO THE PAST BABY OH YES. And let's not forget that X and the Metool are ****ing awesome as well. Nice theme idea, and I literally couldn't wait to see the rest of the round once I saw this.

As for the match itself, the game of "Can you top this?" between Zelda and FF was officially on at this point. It's one thing to blow away Civilization in a Colossus vs Fodder match, but quite another to have record vote totals in an SFF match. How "Nintendo" MMX is and whether or not it causes pure Nintendo SFF can be argued by the stat mongers until the end of time, for all I care. This match was a clinic that proved Zelda was far from unable to take Final Fantasy down, though unfortunately between that and the match pics, there isn't much else to say. Just lots of watching and waiting.

I'll also never like the 32 entrant or the divisions of 8 idea. Calling something a divisional semifinal in the second round just seems off.

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