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Round One


Saturday, September 16th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2503
Division Limit Division
Match # 05
Match Date Saturday, September 16th, 2006
Vote difference 66,072
Tifa Lockhart - 79.60%
150 for - 0 against
Tifa Lockhart - 90.99%
(38,804 brackets)

This match wasn't at all interesting, so I'll first discuss the one thing that there is to discuss. Look at that match pic. Did you ever think that you would see the queen of TJF get TJF'D like that? God damn, Ivy could boob-smother Tifa at like a 2:1 ratio. This seriously caused like an extra 40k votes, I bet.

But seriously, the vote totals in this match were a bit ridiculous, especially given that this was a premeditated blowout. I know it was a weekend match involving FF7 and all, but you'd think Ivy would have brought the totals down a notch.

Tifa's performance here was probably the first truly dominant showing of the contest, given that for whatever reason people felt that Samus disappointed against Nidoran F. She broke 96000 votes against a character from a game that came within hours of beating Kingdom Hearts two years ago. On a related note, Ivy's doing badly, Soul Calibur's doing badly and Nightmare not even making the field despite placing in the Rally Tournament make me think that Soul Calibur's showing against KH was a fluke. Close fourpacks generally see anomalies, and Soul Calibur would be another good example of that. There's also the fact that Soul Calibur 3 didn't make nearly the splash of the first two games.

But hey, at least it's got boobs!

It's also pretty funny to think that Tifa's future scaring of Samus may have been clued in before this contest was a week old. Compare Tifa's first match to Samus's and ask yourself whose was more impressive.

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