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Round Three


Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2550
Round Aeon Division Final
Match # 52
Match Date Thursday, November 2nd, 2006
Vote difference 25,528
Yuna - 56.87%
110 for - 4 against
Yuna - 41.27%
(17,600 brackets)

Yuna was widely regarded as the black sheep of the 1 seeds before this contest began, but she looked as impressive as any other en route to easily winning her division. I believe she performed well over expectations in all of her matches, though you'd have to check Oracle stats for that one.

Once upon a time, Chun-Li > Yuna was considered a decent upset pick. Yuna was only expected to get 52% in the match, but this was before the Dream Division was proven a fraud, along with Chun's relative collapse against Lara Croft. 52% was a pipe dream after all that, but for Chunners to be overrated enough not to even break 40% in a match once thought winnable is pretty pathetic. Makes you wonder if she'll ever make a non-gimmick field again.

In the case of Yuna, she wouldn't have to wait long to prove whether or not she was for real with Zelda slated as her next opponent. Some wondered however if FF12 being released mid-contest had anything to do with her good performance here, ignoring that Yuna had been a beast all contest to this point.

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