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Round One


Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2511
Division Aeon Division
Match # 13
Match Date Sunday, September 24th, 2006
Vote difference 72,215
Yuna - 74.69%
147 for - 1 against
Yuna - 90.68%
(38,671 brackets)

As bad as most people considered the female half, the Aeon Division was considered far and away the worst of the four on this side of the bracket. Yuna being a 1 seed, Lara being a 2 and various levels of rat being all below them in this division literally slowed the board down to a halt. This place was dead during most female match of the first round, but it was flat out rancid during the matches in this division.

Which was kind of an unfair thing to say, because the Aeon Division is a badass name, plus the competitors did a fair job of impressing. Look at Yuna here. Granted Roll serves a miniscule roll (lolcwutid-*gets shot*) in the Mega Man series as a lolibait side character that no one cares about, but not anyone can come close to breaking 100,000 votes in a match by themselves. A lot of people wrote off Yuna's performance here as Roll being low-end crap fodder, mainly due to a psychological barrier people seem to have against FFX. Only a few days after Rikku scored the biggest blowout ever recorded by an FFX entrant, Yuna comes out and nearly breaks 80%. She would have broken 80 outright had she had a little more oomph behind her during the after-school vote.

Regardless of how weak you felt Roll was, Yuna impressed big-time here. Quietest dominant blowout ever. And.... seriously, Roll? My god, there had to have been someone better out there.

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