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Friday, August 8th, 2003

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1343
Division East Division
Match # 39
Match Date Friday, August 8th, 2003
Vote difference 21,975
Aeris - 67.88%
49 for - 1 against
Aeris - 45.89%
(18,844 brackets)

I know this has been said multiple times already, but it's fairly sad that Aeris so thoroughly dominated her fourpack two years in a row as an 11 seed, yet somehow hasn't been back in a contest since.

But of Aeris's four wins, the one over Master Chief was perhaps the one that has the biggest potential for the higher seed actually winning the match. Or at the very least, the potential was there until Master Chief's gag job against Felix. After that match it became fairly clear that Aeris was going to win this match with ease.

However, despite Master Chief completely blowing his first contest appearance down the toilet while being the overwhelming favorite to win his fourpack, there was a silver linine in his performance. As I mentioned earlier, Chief's matches almost always involve the people willing to vote Chief over anything else. What Chief would pull off in future appearances surfaced a bit in his match with Aeris. In the early stages of this match, Aeris was easily on her way to a doubling; Chief almost got her under 60%, and shaving percentage from a Final Fantasy 7 character is no small task.

Chief being put in matches against characters at or near his strength, all after gaining more fans would make for some of the best matches of all time in future contests. But in 2003, he was simply the guy that Xbox fans overrated to all hell. The amount of people that had him winning it all was insane.

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