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Friday, May 6th, 2005

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Poll 1992
Division Mushroom Division
Match # 04
Match Date Friday, May 6th, 2005
Vote difference 20,214
Dr Wily - 62.63%
85 for - 2 against
Dr Wily - 71.73%
(17,752 brackets)

Coming into this match, it wasn't a question of whether or not Wily would win, but whether or not Ocelot truly was in trouble come the second round. And unfortunately for Ocelot, Wily began the match on fire and never looked back. Ultros fought to try and get Wily under 60% early on in the match, but Wily eventually recovered to gradually increase his lead to just over 64% as the day progressed. Ultros made a valiant attempt to keep Wily under 64% very late in the poll, but failed. UncleUlty has tried valiantly to get Ultros in one of these contests ever since 2002, and in Ultros's first shot at one of these things, he doesn't completely bomb, but he still fails to do anything of note.

Naturally, hardly anyone was actually looking at the match at hand. It was all about Ocelot/Wily at this point, and it was looking rather bad for Ocelot at this point. The only thing Ocelot had going for him once this match reached its conclusion were the vote totals. Ocelot's poll managed 5000 more votes than Wily's, which means that one or more characters in Ocelot's poll were stronger than one or both characters in Wily's poll; thus, Ocelot's poll was a better vote draw. Unfortunately, this ultimately leads to Ocelot having to hope that Ultros is nothing more than an absolute joke for him to have a chance of taking down Wily in the next round. Believing in one's own strength rather than another's weakness is the way to go when entering a fight, and Ocelot was hoping for the latter. This almost always leads to bad news, but the possibility of Ultros being an absolute joke still existed. After all, in Final Fantasy 6, he's little more than a recurring, gimmick boss fight. You fight him four times, and in all four battles, the fight either ends with a really stupid joke (see: the battle in the Magic Cave or whatever it's called... you know, the Relm portrait scene) or is a really stupid joke (see: the final battle where you see Chupon for the first time). The only battle with Ultros that is even difficult is the first one, and that's only if you're too stupid to stick Banon in the back row.

But even still, Ultros a joke or not, Wily had almost every advantage you need going into a good match. The only thing left was to actually watch the match take place.

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