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Round One


Friday, August 1st, 2003

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1336
Division West Division
Match # 32
Match Date Friday, August 1st, 2003
Vote difference 80,505
Mega Man - 95.61%
(39,257 brackets)

Believe it or not, people considered this a disappointment for Mega Man. You need look no further than 2002 to see why.

In 2002, Mega Man's run was nothing short of ridiculous. He broke 90% in two straight matches at a time when breaking 90% was considered to be nearly impossible. He then backed this up by coming within six hours of beating Sephiroth, and he would have done it if Sephiroth wasn't the massive board favorite and the match was solely decided by GameFAQs visitors (if you look at all of 2002's matches, you can really tell that the contest went from being a GameFAQs thing to something much more by contest's end). I maintain that Mega Man beats Sephiroth in 2002 if it's a first round battle, but that's beside the point.

The point here is that people were expecting Mega Man to back this up with more of the same in 2003. And why shouldn't he? He was literally put into a division that would require a complete choke job to lose, and it was possible that we'd see a Mega Man/Sephiroth rematch in the Final Four. People were all over this (minus those who actually thought that Vercetti would throw a wrench into this whole thing, though that was long gone by the time Mega finally hit the polls), and given what Mega did to Ms. Pac Man and Serious Sam in 2002, why couldn't he have a repeat performance against Image Not Available?

But CJayC eventually did find a picture of Mr. Resetti, and to the shock of many, Resetti was actually able to break 10% in the match. And I'm not kidding about this. Many people expected Mega to set a new percentage record in this match, and were disappointed when he didn't even come close.

Only in a GameFAQs contest can a character fall short of 90% by 1.04% and be considered disappointing. It's not like Resetti returned to the contests as a powerhouse or anything; this was his only match. And again I say Animal Crossing. Final Fantasy 7. It doesn't really matter what Nook and Resetti did in this contest, because their run came elsewhere.

There was no reason to believe that Mega was in any sort of trouble after this match, despite it being an OMG DISAPPOINTMENT!1! for him. And on that note, we had finally reached the end of the first round of this thing. There was a little bit of everything in this contest's first round, but it was only a sample of what this thing had in store for us later on. One match in particular gave us the shocking upset we were all hoping for, albeit much faster than anyone expected.

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