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Monday, July 17th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2440
Division Ultima Division
Match # 16
Match Date Monday, July 17th, 2006
Vote difference 84,069
Resident Evil - 76.78%
165 for - 0 against
Resident Evil - 96.21%
(44,447 brackets)

Someone needs to keep Shadow Hearts as far away from these contests as possible. One year after Yuri stunk up the joint and managed to place dead last in the X-Stats, Shadow Hearts was at it again, this time against Resident Evil. Not one full week after Madden all but guaranteed himself a spot at the bottom of Board 8's favorite set of percentages, Yuri Hyuga and company made their claim to be the new contest joke.

It wasn't all bad for Shadow Hearts, to be fair. The hardcore Resident Evil fans of the board got to see their favorite series almost break 100,000 total votes and 90% in a match. But once the thrill of seeing where RE would place on the all-time vote total list wore down, we were left with another match in which the winner's perceived strength was inflated due to being paired up against complete joke fodder. And no, this comment says nothing ill of SH as a series. But its 5 fans can only get it so far in a contest setting.

It's pretty odd that I'm moving rather slow through this contest and yet this match marks the halfway point. Brief first round overview:

  • HOLY VOTALS batman! It's a pity we didn't see this contest done in the Spring, with a character battle actually in the summer. I say this because Cloud's final chance at Link is gone come Christmas.
  • Every match broke 100k votes, a first.

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