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Thursday, July 24th, 2003

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1328
Division South Division
Match # 24
Match Date Thursday, July 24th, 2003
Vote difference 70,526
Sephiroth - 93.91%
(38,560 brackets)

In the final match of the South division's first round, we finally got to see Sephiroth in action. He was an absolute lock to make the finals of his division, and all he really needed to do until he got there was to impress in each successive match to keep the whole Mario/Crono/Sephy thing going.

Fun Fact: Most people still felt that Sephiroth was stronger than Cloud (and Cloud's 2002 match against Mario certainly didn't help matters), so most people felt that Sephy would be able to handle Mario with ease if they fought. The big debate was that many people felt that Crono, if he managed to get past Mario, was able to beat Sephiroth. Hilarious.

Sephy did exactly what he was supposed to do in his first match in blowing out Raziel with ease from start to finish. Sephy didn't carry the anti factor that Cloud did, so he wasn't stuck dealing with massive amounts of anti-voting at the beginning of his polls like Cloud was. Raziel was simply a bug in comparison to the likes of Sephy, and it showed. After Raziel's loss to Strider in 2002, he was brought down to the role of fodder in 2003. Since his loss to Sephiroth, Raziel has yet to see another contest.

Yet Strider, who beat Raziel in 2002, also has yet to see another contest. Makes sense.

I remember a few people saying that Sephy was in trouble after this match, mainly because he only did slightly better against Raziel than he did Crash Bandicoot. It literally took until KOS-MOS/Samus for people to realize that Crash was dead and buried, but more on that later.

Of course, the biggest note about this match wasn't actually the match, but Slowflake. In some random topic where people were picking the final percentage for each match, Slowflake managed to nail a perfect prediction on this match.

The Oracle Challenge was born mere hours later.

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2003 Contest Matches

Round One
Link > AiAi
Fox > Pikachu
Ganondorf > Tidus
Magus > Sam Fisher
Squall > Jill
Luigi > Ratchet
KOS-MOS > Crash
Samus > Isaac
Cloud > CATS
Auron > Tails
Bowser > Ness
Yoshi > Conker
Aeris > Sora
Master Chief > Felix
Zero > Scorpion

Sonic > Ken
Mario > Olimar
Shadow > Wario
Kefka > Pac-Man
Crono > Tom Nook
Alucard > Bomberman
Kirby > Ramza
Max Payne > Gordon
Sephiroth > Raziel
Snake > Raiden
Knuckles > Yuna
Ryu > Duke
Dante > Ryo Hazuki
Donkey Kong > Vyse
Vercetti > Kite
Zelda > Lara Croft
Mega Man > Mr. Resetti

Round Two
Link > Fox
Magus > Ganondorf
Squall > Luigi
Samus > KOS-MOS
Cloud > Auron
Bowser > Yoshi
Aeris > Master Chief
Sonic > Zero
Mario > Shadow
Crono > Kefka
Alucard > Kirby
Sephiroth > Max Payne
Snake > Knuckles
Ryu > Dante
Vercetti > Donkey Kong
Mega Man > Zelda

R3 and following
Link > Magus
Samus > Squall
Cloud > Bowser
Sonic > Aeris
Mario > Crono
Sephiroth > Alucard
Snake > Ryu
Mega Man > Vercetti
Link > Samus
Cloud > Sonic
Sephiroth > Mario
Mega Man > Snake
Cloud > Link
Sephiroth > Mega Man
Cloud > Sephiroth (Finals)