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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1366
Division Semi Final
Match # 62
Match Date Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003
Vote difference 27,766
Sephiroth - 57.16%
33 for - 1 against
Sephiroth - 21.73%
(8,922 brackets)

This is the best proof for KHF. This match was hyped to a fairly high degree after what happened between these two in 2002, yet Mega Man was absolutely never in the match. Sephiroth rolled through Mega from start to finish with almost the exact same trend he displayed against Mario one round before, and Mega's only saving grace here was doing a tad better than Mario. But that's somewhat secondary compared to their match in 2002:

(6)Mega Man - 48185 [49.49%]
(7)Sephiroth - 49172 [50.51%]
Total Votes - 97357
Vote Difference - 987

The 2003 version of the same match in which Mega Man almost pulled off the historic upset of Sephiroth drew an extra 26835 votes. Of those 26835 votes, 28 went to Mega Man. If you have some proof to discount KHF after hearing that, I'd love to hear it.

Mega Man is akin to Sonic in that ever since 2002, he simply hasn't been able to find the same luster. Yes he's been successful, but he has yet to come as close to the true elites as he did in 2002. Ironically, Mega Man and Sonic faced each other in a 2005 match in which both characters tried their hardest to lose. Sonic would eventually wind up losing, which goes to prove which character has fallen father over the years.

The only thing left to do from this point was to have the final, and Sephiroth was the favorite going in in some circles. People have believed him to be stronger than Cloud since 2002, and he would have the added benefit of Link's revenge voters giving him their full support. In fact if X-Stats were popular at the time, Sephiroth would have been the easy favorite in such a match, that is until Cloud's shocker against Link. All that remained would be to see how the match played out.

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Cloud > CATS
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