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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1320
Division East Division
Match # 16
Match Date Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
Vote difference 40,338
Sonic - 84.41%
(34,656 brackets)

Talk about getting screwed over by seeding something fierce. In 2002, Ken was stuck as a 12 seed against a powerhouse Samus. Despite giving it his best effort, he stood no chance.

His reward for losing? Being stuck as a 15 seed against the character that Samus pulled her miraculous upset on, Sonic the Hedgehog. This was seriously one of the worst cases of mis-seeding ever, and don't let Sonic's performance here fool you too much. Ken Masters is not your standard 15 seed, so Sonic not being able to break 70% on him or having a relatively low prediction percentage wasn't so bad.

The issue is that for the longest time in this match, for whatever reason, Sonic was very slow. He hovered at just above 60% until the standard SEGA morning vote hit, but most people didn't think anything of it and simply chalked it up to people having sympathy for Ken due to how badly he was screwed over by the seeding in this contest. The big blow to all of the Sonic > Cloud hopefuls didn't come until Sonic's later matches, though there were a few murmurs of Sonic not being all he was cracked up to be as he failed to break 70% on Ken.

Then again, Samus had only scored 65.31% on Ken in 2002. Sonic, who lost to Samus, bettered this by over 3%. Sonic's match against Ken was no real cause for concern, and in fact him outdoing Samus by well over 3% against the same character showed signs of hope that this may have been Sonic's year.

Though the thing that stands out the most in my mind is that after having to deal with Samus and Sonic in two consecutive contests, Ken has yet to return to the field. Here's a forgotten character that could use some board support, as well as a decent seeding.

Ken vs Scorpion for 2006! \m/

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