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Thursday, May 26th, 2005

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2012
Round Triforce Division Semi Final
Match # 24
Match Date Thursday, May 26th, 2005
Vote difference 14,675
Dr Robotnik - 49.19%
22 for - 33 against
Dr Robotnik - 35.33%
(8,743 brackets)

After Master Hand's shocking victory over Kuja, paired with Robotnik's struggle against Sin, a good deal of the board thought it would be hilarious to see Master Hand in the divisional finals. After all, most people had picked Kuja to beat Bastard Hand and were already out of the contest anyway. Why not cause some chaos? It seemed like such a thing would be possible, because there weren't yet any true answers about the strength of any member of this fourpack.

Unfortunately, the entire ordeal all turned out to be little more than a pipe dream. When the poll began, despite the board's best efforts to give Master Hand a push for the win, Glove was under 40% within minutes. Robotnik was absolutely killing him, and it was yet another fun match turned fast, boring blowout. At one point early on, Robotnik looked like he would double Master Hand, and the only thing worth talking about in the match was how pathetic this match made Kuja look. Robotnik was proving that Master Hand was barely anything more than a joke entrant, yet that joke entrant managed to take down a 2-seed PSX era Final Fantasy villain.

As the match wore on into its final hours, Master Hand made a massive percentage push to get over 40% by the time the poll was said and done, and though this did absolutely nothing in terms of making him (or Kuja) look like any less of a joke, it did allow Master Hand to both save face and to prove that Robotnik was likely far weaker than his first two matches would suggest. You simply don't lose 7% to a joke character throughout a match and expect to get anywhere. As if Robotnik's prediction percentage in his fourpack weren't enough of a tell that he was in for some trouble, this match pretty such sounded his death knell against Ganondorf before the match even started.

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