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Round Two


Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2536
Round Triforce Division Semi Final
Match # 38
Match Date Thursday, October 19th, 2006
Vote difference 26,463
Aeris Gainsborough - 67.33%
124 for - 0 against
Aeris Gainsborough - 71.70%
(30,577 brackets)

So yeah, that killer match Aeris needed to prove she could hang with Zelda? Never happened. In fact, she got the polar opposite.

Last year, KOS-MOS embarrassed herself by going down 66-34 to Luigi, in a match that was 'supposed' to be a lot closer. The year after, KOS-MOS found herself paired with a character that has perennially been stronger than Luigi, yet made Aeris look a lot weaker than him. Aeris was never really able to take off during the match, despite her fans saying that she would do so once the anti-Aeris/FF7 votes wore off.

It never happened. Aeris floated around the 63% area all through the night vote and through most of the day, and then the after-school vote saw her lose percentage instead of gain it. 61.65% on KOS-MOS when you're trying to be in the running to take down Zelda isn't a good sign. Some people tried to blame Aeris' bad showing on the match picture (Aeris looks like a stoner, and KOS-MOS's boobs are practically hanging out), but I'm still convinced that only people without sex lives would honestly blame TJF for anything.

Aeris was set up to get her ass whipped next round, and it would take the best match possible for her to perform otherwise.

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