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Sunday, July 6th, 2003

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1310
Division North Division
Match # 06
Match Date Sunday, July 6th, 2003
Vote difference 46,451
Luigi - 87.92%
(36,099 brackets)

This was an odd little match, to say the least.

Quick background on Luigi. After Magus, I'd have to say that Luigi was the most hyped character going into this contest. The man was literally supposed to kill his first two opponents, and many people felt that he was a legitimate threat to Samus. There were even those who felt he was a threat to beat Link, which is almost ridiculous given how favored Link was. Then again I think some of that was out of people desperate to see Link get upset, but that's a different story.

When Luigi's match with Ratchet finally began, he started off looking like everything he was made out to be and more. This wasn't a Magus deal where Luigi was hyped to all hell, yet began a poll with 70% and failed to double the weak opponent he was up against. Luigi began his match against Ratchet with over 90% of the vote, which is obscene; only the true elites ever hit 90% in a poll.

But something very strange happened after that. Luigi's percentage just sort of.... dropped like a rock after his fast start (*runs from Dabu*). He went from being near 93% at the match's onset into a rapid decline to what you see above. And while a dropoff of 20% isn't so bad when you start that high, it makes you wonder how we didn't see what was coming a little sooner.

Another oddity was the vote total for the match. Compared to the standard set by the young contest prior to this, 94600 votes wasn't very high, especially for a character who was supposedly the second coming of Mario. People stopped assuming that Luigi had a chance at beating Link or Samus after this, though few people felt that Luigi was to be threatened in the next round at all.


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Cloud > CATS
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