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Tuesday, July 30th, 2002

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Poll 969
Division West Division
Match # 30
Match Date Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
Vote difference 9,605
Serious Sam - 64.87%
(10,875 brackets)

This matchup was little more than a battle between two characters that few (if any) people have heard of or cared about, and with Mega Man's slaughter of Ms. Pac Man, this match became little more than a "Who wants to get killed by Mega Man?" match.

Believe it or not, both characters are the stars of their own series of the same name. But like Abe and the Oddball series, appearing in a lot of games doesn't necessarily mean contest strength. Just look at Serious Sam's odds of winning the contest, 300:1 as a 3 seed, for proof of how much this match meant to everyone. Serious Sam may have taken this thing home with relative ease, but this match was little more than filler between seeing Mega Man and Sephiroth in action. It isn't like Serious Sam or Mr. Driller were going to make a dent in this fourpack anyways, especially not after what Mega Man had done the match before. After Serious Sam's victory was all but secured (which was a few minutes into the match; it takes strong characters to make comebacks, and Mr. Driller isn't exactly strong), the attention turned to Sephiroth and whether or not he would be able to prove to be a threat to Mega Man later in the contest. That sentence may seem backwards, but at the time, it was true =)

And on the off-chance that one of the five combined Sam/Driller fans reads this, my apologies. It isn't my fault that your two characters wound up being two of 2002's most uninteresing bottom-feeders.

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