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Round One


Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

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Poll 1334
Division West Division
Match # 30
Match Date Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
Vote difference 30,750
Tommy Vercetti - 83.74%
(34,384 brackets)

Remember the first Summer 2003 writeup for this match where I called Kite a girl? Good times.

I also distinctly remember saying that this match exposed the hell out of Vercetti, and it did. Characters who are supposedly able to take down Mega Man and Solid Snake in succession are not supposed to only score 65% on cult classics like Kite. Even funnier is the fact that during the early parts of the vote (which is all board vote; the same board that claimed that he would own ass in this contest), Vercetti was only barely able to get above 60% and had to spend the rest of the match getting his percentage up to the 65% he finished with.

At this point, Vercetti being overrated was a given. Forget about him beating Mega Man. The question from here is whether or not he would even beat Donkey Kong -- and man, I love making NEB look like a genius. Pardon the fanboyism <_<

As for another poster who made a very excellent point involving DK/Vercetti, MMXcalibur eventually noted in the Prophet Challenge for that match that it could be very close; if you stick Vyse and Kite in a match, no one would know for sure who would win. Enter DK and Vercetti both having similar scores against these two. What was once a lock for Vercetti became quite the interesting match.

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