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Sunday, July 20th, 2003

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Poll 1324
Division South Division
Match # 20
Match Date Sunday, July 20th, 2003
Vote difference 73,838
Crono - 92.80%
(38,103 brackets)

After the madness that was Pac/Kefka(which lasted longer than the 24 hours allocated to the actual match thanks to the picture mess), we were greeted with a wonderful cooldown affair to relax everyone. It involved Crono's debut, which was virtually a bye against contest newcomer Tom Nook of Animal Crossing fame.

Both Tom Nook and Mr. Resetti managed to make it into the Summer 2003 field after the massive success of Animal Crossing on the Gamecube, but both were put into bad spots. Nook was stuck with a 13 seed and up against a Crono who was on a collision course for revenge against Mario, and Crono proved that he was well above Nook's league within seconds of the match beginning. Crono was well over 90% as the match began, and the best Nook could manage was to get Crono's percentage down as low as he could by the end of the match. Crono's percentage leveled a little, but not enough to say that Tom Nook did anything worth noting in the match.

Mario vs Crono 2 was officially a toss-up going by how well the two did in the first round of this thing, and all that was left to do was to get the formalities done and over with by dispatching their second round opponents.

Though this was Tom Nook's first and last contest appearance, this match was virtually meaningless. His lasting impression to these contests is actually a moment that occurred in a contest on Board 8 itself in Summer 2003:

(1)Final Fantasy 7
(16)Animal Crossing

Enough. ****ing. Said. And that wasn't the only upset that Animal Crossing managed to pull off in that contest, either. There may never against be such a massive case of the board rallying behind an underdog in a large user-made contest. Sure there will always be upsets in small contests with low vote totals, but nothing quite like Animal Crossing almost winning Ngamer's Best Game contest. It took SSBM and a high degree of SFF to finally bring it down, and only Presea's run in Leon's NCAA Contest can come close.

When your best contest moment has nothing to do with the actual contest, you know you've got issues. Nook may return to another contest one day, but it would likely only be as fodder.

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