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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2095
Division 20XX Division
Match # 30
Match Date Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
Vote difference 16,065
Leon Kennedy - 59.49%
84 for - 3 against
Leon Kennedy - 43.62%
(14,741 brackets)

"Look me in the eye and tell me that Gordon Freeman will win.

I dare you. Bring it.

The day Gordon Freeman wins a match -- The day Gordon Freeman ever wins in a popularity contest on GameFAQs is my final day on GameFAQs." -Amazing Telephone

Everyone knows the joke. GFNW.

And it's not like this year was going to be any different. Gordon Freeman, the man who lost to Tina Armstrong, Max Payne and Sam Fisher, was not about to beat Leon Kennedy in the year that Resident Evil 4 (which essentially revived the series) was released. Another year, another predetermined loss suffered by Gordon Freeman at the hands of a generic human character.

It's gotten so bad for ol' Gordon that he's actually begun winning the board vote due to how much of a joke he's become. Not that people on this board actually root for him to win mind you (the universe implodes if the man wins, which may explain why he tries his best to lose despite CJayC setting him up against generic opponents every single year); they simply vote for him just to see how badly he'll choke in yet another contest. We all nominate him, we all root for him to get an easy match, we all vote for him, yet we all enjoy seeing him lose.

Welcome to Gordon Freeman's world.

He took the early lead against Leon on the backbone of joke votes alone, but a lot of people expected Leon to eventually run away with the match en route to putting up Jill Valentine-esque numbers (roughly 68%). It didn't happen. Gordon Freeman kept his amazing streak of breaking 40% in every match he's ever been in in tact in holding off Leon from ever getting close to the magical 60% mark.

I could try to explain this with logic and say that Gordon had Half-Life 2 and the brackets behind him, but this is a Gordon Freeman match. Logic does not exist, especially when Leon Kennedy does 10% worse than what 2004 Jill Valentine (who is underestimated by 2004 stats) would be projected to do.

Gordon Freeman Always Breaks Forty Percent And Always Increases In The Extrapolated Stats, But Never Wins.


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