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Round One


Monday, September 25th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2512
Division Aeon Division
Match # 14
Match Date Monday, September 25th, 2006
Vote difference 20,544
Joanna Dark - 57.24%
136 for - 14 against
Joanna Dark - 65.77%
(28,048 brackets)

For a minute (literally), I thought this match would be a good one. I had Cortana in my bracket in the very beginning of all this, but changed it later.

And then I remembered a few things, most importantly being that Cortana is to Halo what Navi was to OOT -- a character that almost no one cares about slapped into a good game, meaning that not all things Halo would mean contest strength. Assuming you feel Halo has contest strength anymore, but more on that later in the round.

Meanwhile, Joanna Dark might not be beast-level popular, but she at least has some things going for her, most notably the fact that she has more than 4 fans. Perfect Dark was a million seller on a Nintendo system, and Perfect Dark Zero being on the Xbox 360 was the perfect factor to help stem whatever Halo carryover that Cortana may have had going for her coming into the match.

The end result was Jo scoring a 60-40 beating that was never in question, with Cortana not doing a damn thing in the match until it was well over half over and already decided. She might have won an update or two late in this match, but it's really not worth looking up. The only people who felt Cortana was going to do anything were a few Halo fans that fell into the trap of overestimating the game's popularity on this site. Happens every contest, and it'll happen again due to how overseeded Halo entrants always are.

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