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Round One


Friday, September 29th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2516
Division Patriot Division
Match # 18
Match Date Friday, September 29th, 2006
Vote difference 50,198
Squall Leonhart - 60.39%
133 for - 2 against
Squall Leonhart - 68.57%
(29,242 brackets)

Hot damn, Squall looks hot as hell in that pic. And hot damn, I forgot to mention how badass the name "Patriot Division" is. Good stuff.

Anyway, this match would have been a good one to see in 2004 before Mega Man punked Tidus and essentially rendered 2003 Tidus an overrated pile from there on out. Once upon a time, people actually believed that Tidus versus Squall would have been a good match with the site's love of FFX pushing Tidus over the top. I may have actually been one of these people. I honestly don't remember, because it's been while since anyone has considered Tidus strong. Looking back, his only good match was against Ganondorf in 2003. Beating Shadow in 2004 seemed nice, but Shadow's true colors have since shown as well.

On top of Mega Man giving Tidus the business, let's not forget how badly Kirby made this guy look in 2005. Tidus barely did better than Ramza. I love FFT and all, but come on. Ramza?

People could have simply looked at the 2005 stats to see how this was going, but that calculation only yields a 57.86% win for Squall. After all the crap that Squall has gotten over the years, including an SFF beating from hell at the hands of Cloud, it's almost like Squall was waiting for the chance to finally do this to someone else. And I don't care what anyone says; Squall owns, and even if you dislike FF8 you have to admit that he redeems himself like no one else ever has in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Come match time, this turned into a funny SFF beating through and through, and you have to think that Tidus is done and that his 2003 stats can be thrown out. Tidus will never do anything in these contests again, but Squall at least has potential to improve if he keeps getting into KH games. There was even talk of a Squall > Snake upset after this here match, which was somewhat viable based on past stats.

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