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Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2426
Division Hyrule Division
Match # 02
Match Date Monday, July 3rd, 2006
Vote difference 46,252
Mega Man X - 69.56%
156 for - 3 against
Mega Man X - 77.84%
(35,961 brackets)

Unlike most contests that have a somewhat in-the-air match on the second day (Morrigan > Spyro in 2002, Fox > Pikachu in 2003, Metroid > Pac-Man in Spring 2004, Sigma > Andross in Spring 2005, and Ness > CJ in Summer 2005), July 2006's Suikoden/Mega Man X was as predictable as could be pre-contest. Even with the fact that the MMX series is of the spinoff/niche variety, Suikoden's sales and contest history assured that Suikoden the series would not come close to winning this. Luca Blight has been nothing but the purest of fodder, and Suikoden 2's shining moment was a killing at the hands of FF7 two years ago. How Suikoden managed to get seeded higher than half the field is beyond me; was Suikoden V really that good or popular?

Anyway, the only thing most people cared about in this match was the fact that X made his way into a match pic, because for whatever reason Ceej doesn't like having X represent "Mega Man" in character contests, even though he's stated in the past that he counts all varieties of MM nominations as tallies for the Blue Bomber himself.

And there we had it. X, in all of his badass glory. And Zero.

...woohoo. Serious business.

Anyway as for the match itself, it was the prototypical blowout-yet-not-a-record-breaker that most expected. Suikoden was weak, yes, but MMX was just niche enough to not turn this thing into something like an 85-15 drubbing. It was also a damn boring blowout (not like what we saw from Zelda, Mario and FF in their efforts); the percentages were more or less in the same small 3% range all match long.

Unlucky bracket placement for MMX would eventually cause X's stat placement to become irrelevant, given that it's reward for winning this was ZeldaFodder in round two. Easy path, bad stats. Unless you believe that Zelda > MMX wasn't SFF at all, but that's a different topic for a different day.

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