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Round One


Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2508
Division Triforce Division
Match # 10
Match Date Thursday, September 21st, 2006
Vote difference 17,219
Terra Branford - 56.82%
138 for - 12 against
Terra Branford - 56.52%
(24,104 brackets)

Before getting into the match, it's worth noting that this is the first time since 2002 where Board 8's childish whining actually convinced Ceej to change a match pic (Anyone from 2002 remember the Mega Man/Ms Pac Man debacle?). Naturally, Kerrigan whiners blamed the picture 100% for why she was about to lose. Ceej finally made a topic, accepted a wonderful photoshop by MYC and changed the pic before taking a funny little jab or two at how pathetic this board can get sometimes. Though if pathetic is defined as whining about nothing and being generally petty, this place might be one of the worst on the internet.

It was also funny as hell when the match pic got changed, only to see Kerrigan get her ass handed to her anyway. Matches like this are what the X-Stats are actually good for; taking a match that may be up for debate normally but making an easy conclusion based upon how far apart they are in the stats. Terra was projected to score almost 60% on Kerrigan in 2005, and she came pretty damn close in a match that was not once in doubt. Sure there were the usual amount of people who expected Blizzard rallying to make a difference for one of its characters (which I never understood, because of the ensemble cast and PC characters always being weak issues), but they convinced almost no one that Kerrigan was going to be anything this year.

Also, this match was a nice example of how for the most part, match pics *might* not matter for more than 1-2% in a match, save for the obvious exceptions like Snake and CT sprites. Kerrigan looked as good as she possible could, but only did something like 1.5% better than she was supposed to. I think it's safe to give up on the idea of Starcraft or any other PC characters ever doing much in these contests. Though with all of this said, Terra's win was about as ho-hum as it gets. The match didn't even break 100,000 votes, and she was actually over 60% at one point before losing 2% during the day. It was kind of clear that Zelda would kill her after seeing this.

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