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Sunday, May 8th, 2005

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Poll 1994
Division Jenova Division
Match # 06
Match Date Sunday, May 8th, 2005
Vote difference 18,469
Vergil - 57.95%
77 for - 10 against
Vergil - 70.15%
(17,361 brackets)

For whatever reason that I can't explain, this match started becoming extremely debated as it drew closer, specifically from Ghaleon's side of things. Many Ghaleon supporters argued that Ghaleon actually had a chance at this match, and that those who argued that the RPG rule only applied to Square were sorely mistaken about dismissing Ghaleon or Lunar despite their cult status.

The problem with this is that the "all RPG characters have potential" rule does only apply to Square. Non-Square RPG characters being the least bit strong is an extremely rare sight to see, and there is a long line of non-Square RPG characters and games that help support this, and this mainly includes the discussion of the most popular characters within a game. When you start talking about villains, the vast majority of which are not the most popular character within their own game, the massive popularity dropoff that occurs after Square is even more evident. This is a theme that came up again and again throughout the Spring 2005 contest, and Vergil/Ghaleon was the beginning of the trend.

Even if you felt that Ghaleon had a chance, go look at that match picture. It's Calender Vergil versus Immodium Ghaleon, and any chance that Ghaleon had of doing damage in this match went out the window the second that match pic was posted. It's almost as if CJayC went out of his way to find the worst Ghaleon picture he could, and though the majority had Ghaleon losing, seeing him go out like that was a pity.

Still, the match eventually went underway, and as expected, the massive, multi-million sales mainstream appeal in Vergil's corner almost singlehandedly carried him over Ghaleon's cult support with relative ease. There is some form of moral victory in Ghaleon not getting doubled, but not much. Non-Square cult RPG characters are going to have a hard time doing much of anything in these contests, and there are even a couple of examples from Square itself that being cult is bad news, period.

Vergil's reward for easily winning such a debated match? Sephiroth. Congratulations.

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