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Saturday, July 12th, 2003

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1316
Division East Division
Match # 12
Match Date Saturday, July 12th, 2003
Vote difference 30,424
Yoshi - 77.23%
(31,710 brackets)

Looking back on this match, it's a wonder why the Bowser upset was so unexpected. Probably because SFF discussions weren't all the rage back then like they are now.

Yoshi is very good at putting on boring (See Also: Consistent) matches that tend to be blowouts one way or the other, and this trend of his began right from his very first match. Yoshi was around 70% at the beginning of the poll, and he settled down to a near-doubling later on.

The problem is that people overestimated the hell out of Yoshi before this match. This was his first contest after all, and you know how we used to be with newbies. Remember the Yoshi > Cloud hype?

Despite Yoshi doubling Conker, many people expected Yoshi to do much better in the match. The faith in him beating Cloud was essentially gone after this match, though few figured that Bowser stood much of a chance due to some nonsensical factor about how Nintendo fans don't stick by their villains. >_>

Back then, most people didn't really know what SFF was, so they couldn't look at these two matches and go "Well since Bowser SFFd the hell out of Ness while Yoshi couldn't even SFF Conker down to a doubling, Bowser should win easily." And besides, it wasn't until Summer 2004 that people began to believe that Ness was even SFFd in the first place.

As for Conker, he has yet to win a match. 0-3 lifetime.

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