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Friday, July 11th, 2003

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Poll 1315
Division East Division
Match # 11
Match Date Friday, July 11th, 2003
Vote difference 49,537
Bowser - 79.47%
(32,629 brackets)

Be honest. Did you pick Ness to win at least one match in 2003 because of Super Smash Brothers? >_>

I almost picked him to win two matches, but decided against it at the last minute and had Yoshi winning the fourpack instead. And I'm far from the only one. Ness was a very popular upset pick in this contest, mostly because we have a lot of SSB/M fans around these parts, but also because we have a few EarthBound fans as well. Board consensus eventually shifted from Ness to Yoshi (and more on why later), and everyone seemed to forget about ol' Bowser in all of this.

Perhaps because for Bowser, it was his first contest appearance and people did not know what to expect. But after his poll with Ness began, the upset-minded phychic boy from EarthBound learned real quick that Bowser was no slouch in these things. Not only did Bowser start off on fire, but he had nearly 80% of the vote. That's pretty insane to do against a character that was supposed to be able to win this match.

Bowser eventually calmed down a bit, but not enough for Ness to avoid being tripled. This was one of the more unexpected blowouts we'd ever seen, and soon the attention turned to Yoshi. For whatever reason the board shifted from Ness's upset prospects to Yoshi being the easy favorite to win this fourpack, but Bowser's getting 75% threw a wrench into that one real quick. Unfortunately, most people didn't read the warning signs on that one until it was way too late.

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2003 Contest Matches

Round One
Link > AiAi
Fox > Pikachu
Ganondorf > Tidus
Magus > Sam Fisher
Squall > Jill
Luigi > Ratchet
KOS-MOS > Crash
Samus > Isaac
Cloud > CATS
Auron > Tails
Bowser > Ness
Yoshi > Conker
Aeris > Sora
Master Chief > Felix
Zero > Scorpion

Sonic > Ken
Mario > Olimar
Shadow > Wario
Kefka > Pac-Man
Crono > Tom Nook
Alucard > Bomberman
Kirby > Ramza
Max Payne > Gordon
Sephiroth > Raziel
Snake > Raiden
Knuckles > Yuna
Ryu > Duke
Dante > Ryo Hazuki
Donkey Kong > Vyse
Vercetti > Kite
Zelda > Lara Croft
Mega Man > Mr. Resetti

Round Two
Link > Fox
Magus > Ganondorf
Squall > Luigi
Samus > KOS-MOS
Cloud > Auron
Bowser > Yoshi
Aeris > Master Chief
Sonic > Zero
Mario > Shadow
Crono > Kefka
Alucard > Kirby
Sephiroth > Max Payne
Snake > Knuckles
Ryu > Dante
Vercetti > Donkey Kong
Mega Man > Zelda

R3 and following
Link > Magus
Samus > Squall
Cloud > Bowser
Sonic > Aeris
Mario > Crono
Sephiroth > Alucard
Snake > Ryu
Mega Man > Vercetti
Link > Samus
Cloud > Sonic
Sephiroth > Mario
Mega Man > Snake
Cloud > Link
Sephiroth > Mega Man
Cloud > Sephiroth (Finals)

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