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Thursday, July 11th, 2002

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 950
Division East Division
Match # 11
Match Date Thursday, July 11th, 2002
Vote difference 34,377
Crono - 76.39%
(12,806 brackets)

This match was somewhat strange. Unlike Alucard vs Tails, people felt that the Castlevania character had a chance to win this particular match, because unlike Alucard, the Belmont name is synonymous with the name Castlevania. It's possible to have played a Castlevania title without knowing who Alucard is, so expecting Alucard to lose to Tails was possible; however, it's practically impossible to have played a Castlevania title without having ever heard of the name Belmont.

Consequently, Crono (as well as his game) weren't nearly as well-known to this board as they are now. In the 2002 contest, most of the board had yet to play Chrono Trigger at all. Sure people knew who Crono was, but many a poster had not played his game and therefore didn't know how strong he was. The end result of all this were quite a number of people underestimating Crono and giving Belmont a chance to win the match.

So how does Crono respond? He turns around and lays the biggest beating of the contest to this point upon Simon Belmont's vampire slaying arse. Not even Mario and Cloud's blowouts could compare to what Crono did on this day. He took a fairly well-known character and completely embarassed him. Of course, the only people that were truly surprised by this were the people who had yet to play Chrono Trigger. Those who have played the game expected this the entire time; it was everyone else who sent the board into a mini hysteria. It wasn't Cloud/Fox insane, but there was a fair amount of complaining there. Pretty ironic considering everyone was complaining about Alucard winning not too long before this match took place.

Of course, there was a slight possibility that Crono's numbers were slightly inflated in this match and that he wasn't quite as strong as the match made him seem. The contest had begun to grow a little bit of popularity throughout the site, and even though it wasn't at an astronomical level yet, it was at least building some momentum. Breaking 60,000 votes was very difficult in the first few days of this contest, so the argument was that Crono was simply leeching off of GameFAQs's Square bias and looked stronger than he really was. Whether this was true or not remained to be seen.

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