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Sunday, September 12th, 2004

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1759
Division Midgar Division
Match # 42
Match Date Sunday, September 12th, 2004
Vote difference 9,378
Squall - 57.47%
54 for - 0 against
Squall - 54.91%
(18,242 brackets)

I played some Kingdom Hearts today, and Squall truly did redeem himself in that game (somewhat). He should have acted that way all through Final Fantasy 8, not just in the first two discs. And I also like the long hair he had in Kingdom Hearts.

Oh right, the match. The Hyrule and Midgar divisions were the two most predictable divisions in the entire contest, and this match was another example of it. Everyone knew Squall would win this match, but the surprising thing is how poorly he performed, especially early on. When the poll first opened, there was no match picture. All we had were the names "Kirby" and "Squall", and during this time, the two characters were literally dead even with one another. It wasn't until the picture was posted did Squall finally begin pulling away. This could prove that pictures matter, though Board 8 doesn't seem to like Cloud and Squall in the polls for whatever reason.

The rest of the day was very ho-hum and predictable, but Kirby wound up doing better than expected in this match. Kirby's projection in the match was a mere 41.51%, yet he managed to score 45% on Squall. No one knows whether this meant a Squall drop or a Bomberman/Kirby rise, and unfortunately, there is no way to know. Company-based divisions can do that to you, and after sitting through another predictable match, a match between *GASP* Cloud and Squall was set up.

Gee, how interesting </sarcasm>

But hey, at least Squall/Kirby had a decent vote total. It's really sad when you're rooting for high vote totals in the match instead of the characters themselves.

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