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Round One


Sunday, July 27th, 2003

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Poll 1331
Division West Division
Match # 27
Match Date Sunday, July 27th, 2003
Vote difference 38,418
Ryu - 72.33%
(29,696 brackets)

Given that Duke Nukem went from being a 3 seed in 2002 (one that lost handily to then-unknown Alucard, no less) to being in a 12 seed fodder role against Ryu, it was widely believed that Ryu would come out and beat Duke with ease.

However, I doubt most expected Ryu to dominate quite like this. Duke wasn't really considered full-blown fodder until this match, and this was supposed to be Ryu's tune-up for his eventual loss to Dante. Ryu blasting the hell out of Nukem should have been a warning sign for the upcoming match between Ryu and Dante, though that match definitely falls into the "Where the hell were the stats back then?" category.

If they existed, people would have picked Ryu > Dante without a second thought. As is, people had to make excuses for why Ryu was going to lose anyway. And the 70% he scored here could have actually been far worse; he was close to 75% when the match began. After Ryu's horrific beatdown of Duke Nukem, all the people who treated Dante > Ryu as if it were a lock had to sit back and hope that Dante was equally, if not more impressive in his match against Ryo Hazuki.

Of course, we're not even having this discussion if Duke Nukem Forever comes out on time. What the hell is taking them so long, anyway?

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