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Thursday, August 15th, 2002

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 985
Division West Division
Match # 46
Match Date Thursday, August 15th, 2002
Vote difference 10,663
Samus - 58.02%
(9,726 brackets)

This had trap match written all over it from the very beginning. Ryu over Samus was a very sexy upset pick, especially considering that Ryu over Samus wouldn't have even been a seeding upset. It's easy to look back on this contest and wonder how anyone could have possibly picked someone other than Samus to win this four pack, but back in 2002, Samus hadn't had a game since Super Metroid, while Ryu was arguably the most popular fighting game character out there. The Ryu over Samus hype wasn't necessarily large, but it was logical. The prediction percentages against Samus in both matches prove it, to a point.

Not that this mattered when the match began, of course. One could have argued that Ryu was done for after Samus's convincing win over Ken Masters in the first round, but they play out the matches for a reason. And when this match was played out, Ryu was never in contention. He may be the most popular fighting character out there, but this is GameFAQs, the land of Squaresoft and Nintendo. Ryu beating Samus would have been nice, but it was clear almost from the first round that Samus would have no trouble winning this match.

With two easy victories over the Street Fighter elites (on a side note, I still say Chun-Li should get into one of these things at least once), all that was left for Samus was to bow out respectfully against the potential championship buzzsaw entitled Sonic. She had little chance of actually getting in the way of the Sonic/Megaroth showdown, but they still have to play out all of the matches.

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2002 Contest Matches

Round One
Mario > Servbot
Morrigan > Spyro
Aya > Terry Bogard
Donkey Kong > Bub
Alucard > Tails
Duke > Iori
Pikachu > PaRappa
Cloud > Fox
Lara > Chop Chop
Ryo Hazuki > Guybrush
Crono > Simon
Dante > Q*Bert
Aeris > Kasumi
Tina > Gordon
Knuckles > Akira

Snake > Squall
Pac-Man > Goemon
Kyo > Abe
Scorpion > Kazuya
Max Payne > Dirk
Bomberman > Kane
Jill > Kirby
Strider > Raziel
Link > Little Mac
Sonic > Pitfall Harry
Tidus > Claire
Samus > Ken
Ryu > CATS
Mega Man > Ms. Pac-Man
Serious Sam > Mr. Driller
Sephiroth > Gabe
Crash > Ulala

Round Two
Mario > Morrigan
Donkey Kong > Aya
Alucard > Duke
Cloud > Pikachu
Lara > Ryo Hazuki
Crono > Dante
Aeris > Tina
Snake > Knuckles
Pac-Man > Kyo
Scorpion > Max Payne
Jill > Bomberman
Link > Strider
Sonic > Tidus
Samus > Ryu
Mega Man > Serious Sam
Sephiroth > Crash

R3 and following
Mario > Donkey Kong
Cloud > Alucard
Crono > Lara
Snake > Aeris
Scorpion > Pac-Man
Link > Jill
Samus > Sonic
Sephiroth > Mega Man
Mario > Cloud
Crono > Snake
Link > Scorpion
Sephiroth > Samus
Mario > Crono
Link > Sephiroth
Link > Mario (Finals)