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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1728
Division 20XX Division
Match # 11
Match Date Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
Vote difference 18,618
Tommy Vercetti - 66.04%
77 for - 0 against
Tommy Vercetti - 76.02%
(25,255 brackets)

With all of the failures that Max Payne has had in contests past, the 2004 contest could have very well been his last stand to see if he deserves to be here. This is the guy whose track record includes victories over Dirk the Daring and Gordon Freeman, and a loss to Scorpion. This year, Max Payne was stuck in a first round match against a fellow Rockstar character in Tommy Vercetti. In other words, for Max Payne to avoid getting blown out of the field altogether, he had to avoid Rockstar SFF against the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mainstay.

Max Payne may not have won this match, but he more than proved that he belongs in the field. Not only did Max Payne avoid getting blown out of the water, not only did Max Payne avoid suffering SFF, but Max Payne overperformed by 4.5%! Plug 2003 Xst numbers into the [(CvA)/(BvA)]*50 = CvB formula, and Max Payne was expected to get 33.68% on Vercetti in this match without SFF. Make of this what you will, but if Max Payne can avoid being SFF'd to hell by his fellow Rockstar teammate, and perform far better than he was projected to, then he'll always have a place as one of the more loveable losers of this contest. His fanbase is clearly large and loyal enough to keep him in the field, and when he can do this much better than expected, he belongs. His matches are always boring, but it's hard to argue against him being in the field.

As for Tommy Vercetti, can you guys believe how far he has fallen since last year? When the Summer 2003 bracket was first released, Vercetti was supposed to be able to ride Vice City's coattails all the way to a massive performance. Since then, Vercetti has been on a constant spiral downward, to the point where he can not only fail to grab SFF against Max Payne, but to the point where he can do 4.5% worse than expected. Blame whatever you wish, but when you go from being as hyped as he was in a near-loss to Donkey Kong to an underperformance against Max Payne, you have some problems.

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