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Round One


Tuesday, July 29th, 2003

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1333
Division West Division
Match # 29
Match Date Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
Vote difference 24,284
Donkey Kong - 87.73%
(36,020 brackets)

The West continued a fairly boring first round with another fairly boring match, this time between Donkey Kong and Vyse. The match was predictable as could be (DK was going to win, durr), though it had a couple of interesting second round undertones.

There was massive hype for Tommy Vercetti going into this contest thanks to the insane sales of Vice City, as well as the fact that people at the time believing that FAQ hits would directly translate into votes for Vercetti. Vercetti had a lot of people picking him to win the contest, though the more realistic but still insane only had him getting out of his division. A couple of people (including one of my all-time favorite posters, NeoElfboy) were smart enough to play Devil's Advocate and note that Vercetti was being overrated; "He might even lose to DK".

But I'm getting ahead of myself again. For DK to have a real shot at the OMG MASSIVE popularity of Vercetti, he would have to come out and impress. In 2002, he did no such thing. He had a very odd win against Bub (you'd think that a Nintendo icon would be able to blow Bub the hell out) before going toe-to-toe with Aya Brea and getting SFFd to hell by Mario.

DK came out against Vyse and did fairly well -- He had 70% at the start of the poll -- but his percentage gradually slid down to what you see above until the end of the match. This wasn't the overly impressive performance that the DK > Vercetti hopefuls were looking for, but given that Vyse was a new character it was tough to judge exactly how well DK was "supposed" to do.

Still, Vercetti had a very similar match upcoming and how strong he was remained to be seen. As for Vyse, this was his first contest appearance, but not his last. Skies of Arcadia has a hardcore fanbase, albeit a bit small to get Vyse a good seeding in these things. He has an all-time record of 1-3, with his one win coming against a character more cult than he is and his most recent performance helping to hype Tifa up as the next FF7 Noble Niner. We may be seeing the end of Vyse's run.

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