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Sunday, September 5th, 2004

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1752
Division Hyrule Division
Match # 35
Match Date Sunday, September 5th, 2004
Vote difference 30,822
Crono - 59.79%
58 for - 2 against
Crono - 78.50%
(26,078 brackets)

Of all the contest matches I've seen, this one is the biggest disappointment I've ever seen. How anyone who has played Chrono Trigger could possibly not vote Magus over Crono is absolutely beyond me, but since I promised not to be too biased during this match, I'll keep this short.

Crono does nothing throughout the game. Virtually every decision he makes is made for him by party members using peer pressure to drag him along for their asinine needs. And his one moment of glory wasn't anything but suicide. Magus wasn't laughing at him for his own health; he was laughing at Crono because Crono is an absolute moron who flew himself into a fight that was completely unwinnable. And after an entire game in which the main character says nothing whatsoever, the good folks over at Square decided to give Crono some CHARACTER and DEVELOPMENT by having him get married to Marle, whom he had not said a single word to throughout the entire game.

"But Ulti!" you exclaim, "You are Crono! You play the role of him and put words in his mouth and make his decisions for him and everything!!1"

Excuse me, but if I was Crono, not only would I not do half of the crap he did, but I would never be dumb enough to marry Marle. Ever.

Oh yeah, the actual match. Crawling, skin, wounds, SFF, etc. Magus was shafted horribly by the seedings in this match. I don't mind seeing Magus losing to Crono (the "hero", if you can actually call Crono that, always bests the villain in polls), but a 70-30 beatdown is ridiculous. That said, Magus took the early lead in the poll thanks to the voters that actually have some common sense: Board 8. So the match wasn't a total vomit-inducing disappointment. But if there was ever a match that proved that these cute little company based brackets make for some very bad matches, then this was it. I can deal with virtually any other character getting treated like this, but not Magus. Even if you aren't a fan of his, it would have been nice to see whether or not Magus could have verified his strength this year. 35% on Link is no joke, but unfortunately for us, that's the last time we truly got to see what Magus was capable of.

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