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Monday, September 13th, 2004

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 1760
Division Midgar Division
Match # 43
Match Date Monday, September 13th, 2004
Vote difference 24,796
Auron - 71.88%
55 for - 0 against
Auron - 54.43%
(18,082 brackets)

Another day, another horribly predictable match in the Midgar division. Ness was fresh off of a heated victory against Jak, while Auron was coming off of a killing against Scorpion.

So what do they turn around and do? Ness winds up doing far better than his 26.87% projection. But like the Squall/Kirby match, this meant nothing. We had no way of verifying the strength or weakness of either character, simply because of how the Midgar division was set up. Auron winning this match was a virtual guarantee, but thanks to Auron/Sephiroth being set up from the start, we had no clue what to make of this match.

The logical explanation, of course, is that Ness went up due to unaccounted Bowser/Ness SFF in the 2003 Xsts. Maybe he truly was stronger than many of us thought, but how do you explain Auron overperforming so much against Scorpion? It really sucks that the bracket was set up the way it was, because there was no way to verify the strength of many of these characters after such odd matches. This match was another example.

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