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Sunday, July 13th, 2003

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Poll 1317
Division East Division
Match # 13
Match Date Sunday, July 13th, 2003
Vote difference 32,582
Aeris - 70.68%
(29,021 brackets)

Remember Aeris's 11 seed in Summer 2002? Remember how she blasted through her fourpack before a respectable loss at the hands of Solid Snake? Her reward for all that was another 11 seed, and another fourpack that she was destined to own the hell out of before an inevitable loss to Sonic in the third round.

Her first opponent was Sora of Kingdom Hearts fame, and though Aeris was destined to blow him out his case was an interesting one. Kingdom Hearts, a little experiment where Square and Disney would work together, was one of the most hyped game of all time. And it delivered. It sold four million copies in a year, and this helped propel Sora to an easy first contest appearance.

Unfortunately Sora was the guy stuck taking on Aeris as she was screwed with another of her 11 seeds, and the end result was an expected win for Aeris. 70% prediction rate when you're the seed underdog is no joke, and most of this was due to Aeris being in Sora's game.

The funny thing about all this is that despite how easily we all picked Aeris (due to an extraneous form of SFF), most of us were too stupid to realize that this was an SFF match until after Sora's lovely little run in Summer 2004. The other funny thing is that I remember how much I loved Kingdom Hearts when I first played it, and mostly out of KH fanboyism I predicted that if Sora were put in a winnable situation, he would do much better than he did on this day against Aeris. Cue 2004 where Sora rips through the favored Ryu Hayabusa, then 2005 where he rips through the favored Alucard.

And the man has Kingdom Hearts 2 coming in April, barring no more delays. He and Riku could be beasts this summer.

By The Way, 66.66%, awesome.

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