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Tuesday, August 5th, 2003

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Poll 1340
Division North Division
Match # 36
Match Date Tuesday, August 5th, 2003
Vote difference 44,702


Samus - 70.94%
59 for - 0 against


Samus - 82.29%
(33,788 brackets)

As odd as it sounds knowing what we now know about KOS-MOS, Samus's going 70-30 blowout on her ass was fairly surprising at the time of this match. People loved overestimating new characters back in 2003, and KOS-MOS's killing of Crash certainly helped her stock along.

But when KOS-MOS entered her match with Samus, cold reality smacked her in the face and asking for her to go 70-30 with Samus again would probably be asking for too much. KOS-MOS's time in the sun in these contests ended almost as fast as it had started. She won one match here in 2003, and has been blown out in every meaningful match she's been in afterwards. The Xenosaga series not being all that good certainly doesn't help, and you have to wonder whether or not Monolith will actually go through with making the six planned games given the low sales.

For Samus, this was more of the same. It wasn't quite the dominance that people were hoping to see from her (remember, Samus > Link hype still existed at the time), but this match somewhat helped people get over her disappointing first round showing against Isaac. It also proved to most of the Squall > Samus hopefuls that Squall had little if any chance of actually winning that match.

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Cloud > CATS
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