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Round One


Monday, July 15th, 2002

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Poll 954
Division East Division
Match # 15
Match Date Monday, July 15th, 2002
Vote difference 37,907
Knuckles - 69.02%
(11,571 brackets)

As surprising as this may be, this was our first-ever 80%+ blowout in contest history. Even more remarkable is the fact that we would not see another such blowout until Link vs Little Mac. What Knuckles did here was truly amazing, and it's even more amazing given the fact that just under 70% of people had him winning the match in the first place and the fact that the match only had 62000 votes.

And Knuckles, biggest badass in the Sonic series, was the character who managed to pull it off first. No matter what winds up happening with him in these contests, no one can take that away from him. In fact, the rumblings of a Knuckles over Snake upset began swirling around a little bit during this match, even though most people knew that it was impossible.

Hey, think fast. What fighting series is Akira from?

And no using Google, either.


Okay fine, I admit it. I had to use Google to figure out that Akira is from the Virtua Fighter series -_-

This 2002 contest was littered with fighting game characters, and as you can see, most of them didn't do all that well. Knuckles is a good character and all, but truth be told, he couldn't sniff 80% unless he was going up against absolute fodder. What strikes me here is the low prediction percentage for Knuckles. But then again, this was the 2002 contest. Most brackets were either favorite brackets or "NCAA" style brackets in which people tried picking upsets all over the place. This match may have been one such match, because as any NCAA guru can tell you, 7-10 matches are sexy upset specials.

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