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Wednesday, July 31st, 2002

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Poll 970
Division West Division
Match # 31
Match Date Wednesday, July 31st, 2002
Vote difference 52,765
Sephiroth - 90.17%
(15,116 brackets)

This match was expected to be a slaughter from the beginning, and even the people who were rooting against Sephiroth doing well in this contest agreed that he was horrifically underseeded. Sephiroth as a 7 seed made absolutely no sense, and the first character to suffer at the hands of an underseeded, pissed off Sephiroth was Gabe Logan of Syphon Filter fame. The fact that two years have passed and people still don't know Gabe Logan or what game he came from sort of showed what kind of chance he had against an elite such as Sephiroth.

With the match never in question, the attention turned to the imminent Mega Man/Sephiroth showdown. Serious Sam, Crash Bandicoot, and Ulala had no chance of taking down either of them before this match were to happen, so it was fair to begin assessing the match during Sephiroth's killing of Logan. After all, Mega Man vs Sephiroth seemed like it would be the first high-profile match of the contest.

Unfortunately for Sephiroth, Mega Man looked to have the clear advantage going in. While Sephiroth easily scored the second biggest blowout of the contest, Mega Man scored the biggest. And how were we to know whether or not 87% on Gabe Logan was good enough to allow Sephiroth to beat a charcater who scored 92% on Ms. Pac Man? It was difficult to compare characters at the time, and what we were left with was Mega Man having the seemingly shocking advantage going into the match itself. Some major hype began rounding itself up during this match, and the contest as a whole would only experience a gigantic buildup as the hype continued to progress.

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