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Tuesday, September 14th, 2004

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Poll 1761
Division Midgar Division
Match # 44
Match Date Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
Vote difference 35,266
Sephiroth - 75.56%
56 for - 0 against
Sephiroth - 91.26%
(30,317 brackets)

This match wasn't flat-out rigged as an SFF match from the start; after all, Vivi vs DK was hard to call. What was rigged however was Cloud vs Sephiroth. There were no characters in this division able to take either one of them down, and this match was little more than another stepping stone on Sephiroth's path to the Midgar finals.

Since everyone already knew that Sephiroth was going to win the match, the only thing to really look at here is the fact that Vivi did better than most people expected him to. This could mean a few things, the biggest of which is the fact that Square SFF is far more difficult to come by than Nintendo SFF. Nintendo characters have so much exposure and star in so many games that the Nintendo heirarchy is set in stone at this point. While the same ranks are within Square, the fanbases of characters who appear in a game or two each are far more defined. Voters won't simply turn on Vivi simply because he is facing a character from another Square game. Square titles all have a life of their own, and even though Cloud and Sephiroth are undoubtedly the most powerful Square characters, the rest of the pack has enough of a fanbase so that they will likely never get killed by a fellow Square character. This match is a good example of that. Nearly pulling in 30% on Sephiroth is no joke, and Vivi deserves some respect for it.

Other things may have been present, as well. For all we know, Sephiroth could have weakened over the past year. Or better yet, Vivi may have been far stronger than many people initially thought. Sadly, there is no way to truly know. The nature of the bracket makes it difficult to truly verify the strength of many characters, even though logical estimations can still be made.

Regardless, we knew two things after this match. It was yet another bore to sit through, and Sephiroth was not looking good against Cloud later on. Showing any signs of weakness whatsoever is not good when you're looking to upend the champion.

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