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Friday, July 26th, 2002

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Poll 965
Division West Division
Match # 26
Match Date Friday, July 26th, 2002
Vote difference 6,887
Tidus - 60.80%
(10,192 brackets)

With Jill Valentine's impressive victory over Kirby proving that Resident Evil was alive and well in 2002, this match had upset potential. At the time, Tidus was loathed on this board. People may have liked FFX, but Tidus was not one of the reasons why. Believe it or not, Tidus was more hated than Squall at the time of this match. A lot more. While Squall had at least some people rooting for him in his match against Solid Snake, virtually no one was rooting for Tidus to take down Claire.

As a result, this match may have been closer than it should have been. Tidus may have been the slight bracket favorite as well as the main protagonist of the defining Square title of this generation, but rarely has a Square lead been hated in the beginning as much as Tidus. Even to this day, Tidus has a lot of naysayers for being the character that helped usher in what I like to call the "Metrosexual Era" of lead RPG characters. But despite this, the Square tag is usually enough to get a character past a tough match. Tidus, despite all the hate he gets, helped prove that in this match. Claire had everything she needed to pull the upset, yet it simply wasn't there despite her best efforts. Tidus went on to claim a relatively easy victory despite the somewhat low vote total margin; however, having problems with Claire Redfield is bad news when your next match is against the elite force known as Sonic the Hedgehog in the second round. It was well of Tidus to win this match, but it would take a miracle for him to get into the West Semifinals at his current rate.

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