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It is 2011, you have just won Character Battle X... is a CYOA created by MartrebnoR on November 20, 2008. It chronicles the survival of the main character, Board 8's hero, who must survive a shady government capture. The thread was closed on December 2, 2008.

The Story[]

It is 2011, you have just won the Character Battle X...

A. Patiently wait for your prize thanks to your near-perfect bracket.

B. Brag on the boards, mocking them for doubting Snake winning a third year in a row.

C. Complain about the bonus match being Link vs Cloud; Snake thrashed them, you don't care.

D. Watch the newest episode of Naruto 3: Forever Sasuke.

You patiently wait for your prize; however you get an e-mail from Bacon saying your bracket has been disqualified due to cheating. Enraged you:

A. E-mail back a desperate plea, saying you didn't cheat.

B. E-mail back a terrible rant, criticizing Bacon and wishing CJayC was back.

C. Shrug your shoulders and delete the e-mail. You cheated and got caught, not much you can do.

D. Account suicide time!

You begin to write a rant detailing in full how the contests have slowly gotten worse each year due to Bacon. You even go as far as to saying CJayC's Mario bias was better. After some time, you see a reply. You open it to find the contents are simply a link. You:

A. Click the link, this has to be good.

B. Avoid the link, Bacon could easily be sending you a virus.

C. Bacon doesn't have the balls to link you to a virus, click the link dammit.

D. Realize you don't care since your bracket on another account came in a close second, and it wasn't marked for cheating! Sorry Bacon, looks like he's this war.

For a second you wonder if it could be a virus, but you quickly dismiss that thought and click the link realizing it's Bacon we're talking about. When you click the link you find that Bacon has rick rolled you. You:

A. Stare in amazement, you've just been rick rolled by Bacon of all people.

B. E-mail Bacon back another rant, saying that such out-dated internet memes are no longer funny.

C. E-mail him a link as well. However you're smart enough to link him to a virus.

D. Give up on this, Bacon's obviously an idiot.

You e-mail Bacon a virus, laughing to yourself knowing you won't be getting a reply anytime soon. You go back to your normal internet happenings. You:

A. Read the latest news article, seems another state has banned gay marriage.

B. Go onto Board 8 and see multiple topics about the aforementioned subject.

C. Watch the newest episode of Naruto 3: Forever Sasuke.

D. Head downstairs to investigate the screams you've been ignoring for the past hour.

You head downstairs to investigate the screams. Sadly when you get there you are disappointed to find it's nothing more than your kid brother listening to death metal. However downstairs you see a flashing lights coming from outside. You decide to:

A. Scold your brother for listening to his music too loud.

B. Scold your brother for listening to death metal.

C. Smack your brother on the head and then head outside to investigate the flashing lights.

D. Smack your brother on the head and then head upstairs to see exactly which state banned gay marriage this time.

After smacking your brother a good one, you head outside to your backyard. You see the lights are from a crashed vehicle in your backyard. It looks oddly similar to an Arwing. You:

A. Run back to your house and contact the authorities.

B. Head towards the wreckage, this has to be good.

C. Wait and watch, hoping for something to happen, but also keeping your distance for safety.

D. Go back and smack your brother even harder. His music was so damn loud you didn't hear an Arwing crashing in your backyard.

You head back into your house and smack your brother even harder. "Ouch what the hell? I turned down my music!" He says in his defense. You explain the Arwing situation to him and he asks if he can go investigate it with you. You:

A. Allow your brother to join your party and go back to the backyard.

B. Go back to the backyard without letting your brother join your party, he's damn annoying.

C. Allow your brother to join your party, but let him be in charge of investigating the Arwing while you figure out which state banned gay marraige.

D. Smack your brother. No reason this time, just because.

You smack your brother for no reason. Afterwards you allow your brother to join your party, however you tell him he's in charge of investigating immediately as you have other things to do. He asks and you smack him and tell him to do his part. He runs off whilst you head upstairs. However, before you can even sit down at your computer, your brother comes running back to you saying a strange looking person got out of the Arwing and collapsed to the ground. You tell him to give you just another two minutes, but he says the person looks to be in bad shape. You:

A. Smack your brother, and tell him two minutes isn't going to make a difference.

B. Smack your brother, and head down with him angry that you haven't found out the state yet.

C. Smack your brother, and tell him to carry the person into the house and set him on the couch.

D. Give your brother a comforting hug due to how scared he looks, look at which state banned gay marraige, and then go downstairs and investigate the person.

You give your brother a warm, comforting hug. However you quickly wonder why you did that and smack your brother so he doesn't get used to the kindness. You check which state banned gay marriage and find it was Indiana, seems voting Democrat in 2008 was a fluke after all. Afterwards you head downstairs with your brother and find that it is none other than Fox McCloud who is laying on your back yard, looking terrible. You:

A. Sigh as you and brother carry him inside, seems the government has been experimenting a lot as of late if Fox exists.

B. Contact the government, you'll probably get a reward for returning their freak.

C. Tell your brother to do whatever he pleases, you really want to go back and read more about Indiana.

D. Go and check out the Arwing, it's much more interesting.

You go and check the Arwing whilst your brother decides to carry Fox into the house. While looking inside the cockpit, you find a few personal items of Fox's inside, one being a journal, you decide to pocket them, knowing they could become good blackmail if needed. After looking around the cockpit you decide to examine the exterior. However, the metal is still very hot and you decide to go inside while it cools down. When you get inside you find your brother has taken Fox and thrown him on your bed. You:

A. Smack your brother for being stupid and not tossing Fox on the couch, but allow Fox to stay on your bed.

B. Smack your brother for being stupid and not tossing Fox on the couch, and tell him to do just that.

C. Smack your brother and tell him to go back to his music, and get back to reading about Indiana.

D. Examine Fox.

You decide to examine Fox. His appearance isn't surprising, you already know how he's supposed to look like. However you find it much more worthwhile to empty his pockets of any possessions. Among your findings, you obtain his blaster and reflector. Your brother begs you to see the blaster, but you toss him the reflector and tell him to bug you later. After your brother leaves you:

A. Decide to take the blaster out back and test it out and check the Arwing again.

B. Decide to look up more about Indiana.

C. Hey, whatever happened with that Naruto 3: Forever Sasuke episode you wanted to watch?

D. Bacon's probably logged onto a new computer by now, let's see if we got a response!

You log back onto your computer, and find you do have a response! You find a long e-mail with Bacon babbling like a broken-down idiot. You laugh as you read the near five page sob-story. Eventually you find you have successfully broken him and that he's having CJayC take charge again. You:

A. Begin to plan out how to win next year's contest as well. Shouldn't be too hard, just have Mario advance further now that CJayC's back.

B. E-mail Bacon back apologizing, not wanting to deal with CJayC's Ninten-stuffing again.

C. Laugh and post on the message for all of Board 8 to enjoy.

D. Laugh and read about Indiana's ban of gay marriage.

You burst out into uncontrollable laughter. You decide to post his response on Board 8 and the topic quickly reaches 500. You make another topic and continue to laugh at the responses. Suddenly your laughter stirs Fox awake. You turn around and see him, weakly trying to sit up and rub his head, but he's too weak and falls back down onto the bed. You:

A. Laugh at how pathetic he is and go back to your topic.

B. Decide this might also be a good topic for Board 8 and grab your camera to take pictures.

C. Figure you shouldn't patronize Fox and go and help him.

D. Go and get your brother to get this annoyance out of your room.

Wanting to even claim more fame, you grab your camera and ready to take pictures. Fox puts his arms up defensively as if you are about to attack him in his weak state, and you can't seem to get a good opportunity to get a picture. You then:

A. Decide it isn't worth the trouble and head back to your computer.

B. Decide you should probably get him to trust you before exploiting him.

C. Take a few pictures anyway, they'll believe you even with his face being blocked.

D. Smack Fox and tell him to let you take pictures of him.

As if by instinct you smack Fox. He quickly goes to fight back, but it's obvious the crash has taken it's toll on him. He passes out from exhaustion from just trying to punch you. You use the opportunity to get plenty of pictures. You begin to post them on Board 8, and much to your dismay no one believe you. You sigh and realize the internet isn't going to believe you on this one. You then:

A. Call your brother and have him get Fox out of your room, he's totally worthless.

B. Carry Fox out of your room, you need to go to bed soon.

C. Go back to investigate the Arwing and test out the blaster in the backyard waiting for Fox to get his energy back.

D. Get back onto the computer and continue with the Bacon failure topics.

You once again get back on the computer and enjoy the praise from Board 8 and GameFAQs in general. However, you quickly get sleepy after this exhausting day, it is 3am anyway. You:

A. Pop an energy drink, you're going to be up all night!

B. Blast your own music, that'll keep you awake.

C. Decide to push Fox onto the floor and go to sleep.

D. Eh, sleeping on the couch won't be that bad.

You decide to just knock Fox onto the floor, not really caring. This wakes him and he looks at you in confusion. "Where am I?" He asks. You:

A. Explain the situation to him.

B. Tell him to go bother your brother, you're tired.

C. Smack him and tell him to go to sleep. Your house, your rules.

D. Ignore him and go to sleep, he's not getting away in his state anyway.

You smack Fox, telling him to go to sleep, you don't have time to explain things to him. To your surprise he manages the energy to smack you back.

A. OH HELL NO! You've got a blaster, this guy is dead.

B. Smack him back, don't let him have the last hit. You're no one's b****.

C. Decide to explain things to him to avoid anymore conflict.

D. Threaten to give him into the government.

OH HELL NO! He did not just do that. You grab the blaster you took from him. You aim it towards him and get ready to shoot. However Fox simply laughs at you. Enraged you attempt to blast his head off. However, to your dismay you find you can't get it to shoot. Fox grabs the blaster from you and it aims it towards you. "I actually know how to use this." He says. "Now explain or you're dead."

A. He's bluffing, it's just out of ammo. Smack him hard.

B. Looks like you might as well explain things, don't want to risk dieing after you've just become Board 8's hero.

C. Yell for your brother to help.

D. Attempt to grab the blaster back, he's still looks worn out.

He's bluffing, what a terrible liar. You go to smack him hard, catching him by surprise. He fires the blaster right as you make contact and misses, burning a hole in the wall behind you. You wrestle him for the blaster. Before you know it he has you pinned to the ground with the blaster aimed at you. You:

A. Scream for your brother to help.

B. Do a barrel roll.

C. Decide to explain things.

D. Attempt to smack him again anyway.

You quickly take the advice of Fox's mentor, Peppy, and do a barrel roll. Before Fox knows it, you have him under you, and grab the blaster in the process, aiming it at him. Fox just laughs again. "Okay, I'm too tired to put up a fight, but I'm not worried about you when you can't even use that blaster. Can't you just tell me what the damn is going on already?" You:

A. Attempt to fire the blaster.

B. Explain the situation to him.

C. Smack him with the blaster and head to bed.

D. Call your brother up here so you can have him watch you kill Fox.

You finally decide to explain the situation to Fox. After telling your side of the story, you ask him to tell his side of the story. "Sure, but would you mind getting off of me?" He asks. You:

A. Smack him. Stop stalling the plot Fox!

B. Call your brother up as well, he is a party member. But keep Fox pinned down, you don't trust him.

C. Call your brother up as well, he is a party member, as well as getting off of Fox.

D. Smack him even harder than in A. Stop stalling the plot Fox!

You decide to call up your brother and keep Fox on the floor not trusting him. When your brother arrives he makes a crude sexual joke about the position you and Fox are in. You:

A. Get off Fox and smack your brother good.

B. Smack your brother later, let's see what Fox has to say.

C. Knock out Fox for safety reasons and then beat the hell out of your brother.

D. Have Fox explain the situation, completely ignoring your brother's comment.

You resist the urge to just jump and pound your brother's face in, and instead keep a mental note of this incident for later. Instead you force Fox to explain his situation to you. He begins to tell of the mission he was on, scouting this certain galaxy for life on other planets. He was attacked while investigating this specific planet, which is what sent him hurtling into your backyard. Suddenly you hear a ruckus come from outside. Your brother rushes to the window and tells you there are a large number of what appear to be government agents around the Arwing. You jump off Fox and head to the window for a look. You then:

A. Take this chance to smack your brother hard, and have Fox join your party and helping him escape.

B. Take this chance to smack your brother hard, and have Fox join your party but only with plans of doublecrossing him and handing him over to the government.

C. Take this chance to smack your brother hard, then tell them both to leave your room, you want some sleep and don't care what happens.

D. Take this chance to smack your brother hard, then smack Fox for letting the freaking government overrun your home.

You decide it'd be best to just turn over Fox to the government, and decide you'll trick him into joining your party to escape. He joins your party, thankful for the help. You leave your brother in the dark, wanting to get any reward only to yourself. You have your brother gather supplies for the escape, and tell Fox to watch the officials outside while you help your brother. Both do as told, eventually you knock Fox out from behind when he's studying the officials. Your brother however comes back and disapproves when you say you want to turn him in. You:

A. Smack your brother, you are not going on some long adventure to save Fox.

B. Explain to your brother that it's too dangerous and this needs to be done.

C. Sigh, realizing your mistake, and have your brother carry Fox as you carry what he's gathered.

D. Toss Fox to your brother, telling him to have fun saving Fox whilst you sleep.

You decide to smack your brother, telling him you don't care about going on a long adventure with Fox. You get ready to carry Fox downstairs and go outside and let the government have him, but your brother warns you that they'll probably take you in for questioning and maybe keep you under custody due to your knowledge. You decide to ignore him and make it to the back door. You:

A: Kick open the door and toss Fox outside, slamming it afterwards.

B. Tell your brother to open the door so you can go give Fox to the government and get your money.

C. Leave Fox at the door, they'll be breaking into your house anyway, might as well avoid them taking you in for questions.

D. Hand Fox to your brother, telling him to give Fox to them, plotting to take credit if they offer a reward and plotting to run away if they take him in.

You decide to set your brother up, knowing it's better to let him take the fall if his suspicions are right. Your brother being as naive as he is, listens to you. You watch as he hands over Fox to the officials. He seems to be having a calm conversation with him and you decide that his hunch is wrong and that there will be a reward. You blindly run out and interject; only to find that your brother has actually set you up! Seems he's labeled you as an ally of Fox's in order to get the reward for himself. You:

A. Attempt to make a break for it.

B. Explain your brother is lying.

C. Smack your brother hard.

D. Hey, you've got a blaster, time to learn how to use it!

You decide to pull out the blaster you pocketed from Fox, however you find it isn't there. Your brother laughs, "Looking for something?" You realize he must have managed to get it from you when you had set it down after knocking out Fox with it. Soon you find yourself locked in the back of an armoured van with an unconscious Fox on the way to a secret government facility. You:

A. Wake up Fox and create a clever excuse as to how you were caught.

B. Wake up Fox and tell the truth.

C. Read Fox's journal, you do still have it and the other items you pocketed, it might be entertaining.

D. Smack Fox. It doesn't matter that he's unconscious already. This is his fault and you're pissed.

You smack Fox in your rage, not only was he already out cold, but now he'll have a nice bump on his head for ruining your life. You now:

A. Attempt to wake up Fox and create a clever excuse as to how you were caught.

B. Attempt to wake up Fox and tell the truth.

C. Read Fox's journal, you do still have it and the other items you pocketed, it might be entertaining.

D. Go to sleep; you'll figure things out later.

You decide to try to wake Fox up with intent on telling him a lie as to how you were all caught. After a few minutes you manage to get him awake, he rubs his throbbing head which you just hit earlier. "What's going on?" He asks. You explain that you've been captured and that an agent struck you both from behind. You then go on to blame him for being careless and not watching the agents close enough. He apologizes. You then:

A. Smack him as punishment for letting you get caught.

B. Attempt to devise an escape plan with him.

C. Go to sleep, this won't be going anywhere for a while.

After being captured the realization finally hits you that you shouldn't be trying to get on your ally's bad side and you decide to devise a plan of escape with Fox. You eventually decide:

A. Wait for them to open the doors when they stop and attempt to jump them and escape.

B. Allow them to take you into whatever holding facility they are heading towards to see if you can find any items there that could help you escape; you are weaponless after all.

C. Give up and challenge Fox to a game of rock, paper, scissors.

You decide to give up and challenge Fox to a game of rock, paper, scissors instead. He says that you shouldn't be wasting time, but you say whoever wins decides what to do. He sighs and decides to go along with your game. You throw out:

A. Rock

B. Paper

C. Scissors

Fox, knowing from many game of rock, paper, scissors with Falco, knows you will be hard-headed and throw out rock every time. He takes advantage of this and throws out paper when you throw out rock. You demand a rematch, but suddenly the vehicle comes to a halt. Fox tells you to wait for the chance to escape until you are in the holding facility where you can hopefully find something to use as a weapon. You bide by the honour of RPS, and do as told. When you reach the prison, you find another is locked up with you. You and Fox go and confront this person; to your surprise the person is:

A. Yuna

B. Princess Zelda

C. Jill Valentine

D. Ivy Valentine

You're surprised to see that the other captive is none other than Jill Valentine. Or at least someone who looks identical to her; you ask her for her name, and it turns out she really is Jill Valentine. While introductions are being done, you can't help but wonder how these video game characters are real. However that thought is quickly put into the back of your mind when an official comes into the room. You:

A. Wait to see what he has to say.

B. Attack the idiot!

C. Have Fox attack the idiot!

D. Have Jill attack the idiot!

You decide you want to take this guy out now, but don't want to risk hurting yourself. You whisper for Fox to attack the official. Fox looks at you as if you're an idiot. Yeah, this isn't your brother, he isn't going to do everything you tell him to it seems. You then:

A. Attack the official yourself.

B. Try to get Jill to attack for you.

C. Patiently wait for an explanation from the official.

You decide you might as well wait for the official to explain things. Fox and Jill wait in silence as well. The official looks directly at you, ignoring the others.

"So you're trying to save these anomalies I hear." He says with a laugh, obviously having heard the lie your brother said to sell you out. He walks closer to you.

You respond by:

A. Saying "What? NO! I could care less about these freaks. Just get me back home dammit."

B. Punching the guard in the face, his fault for getting close.

C. Remaining silent.

D. Saying "Of course I'll help my friends get away from you fools!"

Abandoning any logic, you blindly toss a punch towards the man's face. He blocks the blow and knocks you down onto the ground. You fall against the cold, hard floor. Fox and Jill run over to help you up.

"Well I guess that answers my question. I guess you won't be telling me any information you know about these odd people appearing; but I guess not even you know that much." He says as he turns and leaves the room. You hear the door lock behind you.

"You okay?" Jill asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine." You respond. "He has a point though. Fox has already told me how he ended up here; sort of. What about you?"

Jill goes on to explain a story, oddly similar to the video games you've played before. However she can't remember how she ended up here. So once again you've left without answers.

You then:

A. Decide to search the room.

B. Devise a plan with Jill and Fox.

C. Look at what items you have on hand now.

Q. Seduce Billy Ra---just kidding. Go back to options A, B, and C.

You decide to devise a plan with Jill and Fox for escape. Jill explains that the only exit to the room is the locked door, she's already searched around. You suggest:

A. Having Fox jump the official the next time he comes in while you and Jill make a break for it.

B. Searching the room for anything Jill might have missed.

C. Seeing what items you have on you that could help you.

D. The three of you taking out the official when he comes in and then making a break for it together.

You decide that everyone should hover around the door and wait to jump the official. However after some time lapses it is obvious that the man won't be back for a while. You then decide to:

A. Force Fox to wait, having him jump the official the next time he comes in while you and Jill make a break for it.

B. Search the room for anything Jill might have missed.

C. See what items you have on you that could help you.

D. Idly chat with your party.

You finally get a stroke of genius and decide that you should all see what items you have. Fox of course has nothing and yo check out some of the things you pocketed--er...borrowed from Fox earlier. Jill has a few items of her own as well. Jill managed to hold onto a clip of ammo when captured, however sadly it's useless without a gun. Other than that there's nothing special. You begin to pull out what you have. Fox looks at you and seems to get more and more angry as he sees things that are obviously his. You keep the journal of his secret. You do however have a lighter and a small bottle of cologne. Fox snatches everything though and glares at you. Jill watches and smiles. Now that you've discovered some potentially useful items, you decide to:

A. Idly chat with the others.

B. Search the room for anything else that may be of use.

C. Tell everyone you're going to sleep; nothing will be happening for a while.

You decide to search the room to uncover anything else that may be of help. You look around and see the room is a lot larger than you first thought, however much to your dismay, it's empty. Regardless everyone goes off to check any of the nooks and crannies that may exist in the walls or floors. You press against the bricks on the walls and such, but nothing budges. Seems this place doesn't have any secret compartments. Suddenly Jill calls you over from the other side of the room, saying she's found something. You and Fox rush over, and find there's a brick in the wall that seems to be loose. All three of you will need to work together to get it out though. You decide to:

A. Ignore it; there's not going to be anything there.

B. Work as a team to get the block out.

C. Have Fox work on it while you idly chat with Jill; why should you get your hands dirty?

Knowing it'd be silly to waste your own effort doing something as menial as getting a brick out of the wall, you tell Fox to take care of it, while you survey the room some more. Also, not wanting a lovely lady such a Jill do the work, you have her come with you. Fox looks at you with a bit of annoyance as you and Jill leave him to do the dirty work. When you two get to the other side of the room you:

A. Watch Fox with Jill and laugh.

B. Search more with Jill! Teamwork!

C. Show Jill Fox's journal and read it with her, it's probably interesting.

Q. Seduce Jilly Vay.

You and Jill find yourselves alone in one of the darker corners on the other side of the room. Fox is still working on getting the brick out of the wall, and from the looks of things he isn't making too much progress. You feel a bit guilty for a second, you definitely aren't on good terms with him at this point. However this thought is quickly dismissed as you look at the beautiful Jill Valentine, or Jilly Vay as you've already found a cute nickname for her. Jill quickly turns and begins the examine the wall. You take this as a chance to position yourself behind her whilst she's distracted with inspecting the wall.

However much to your dismay you hear Fox call out from the other side of the room. "Hey guys! I've gotten it open!"

Jill turns around quickly, without realization that you are behind her, and runs into you. You both fall to the floor with her on top of you. Your faces draw close, you try to move in for a kiss, but she quickly gets herself up and collects herself.

"Sorry about that." She says, face reddened as she walks over to Fox.

You sigh, knowing you've just missed your chance, and walk over as well. Once over, you make eye contact with Fox and realize he saw exactly what happened. However you see a hint of jealousy in his eyes. Is he after your Jilly Vay? You'll have to keep an eye on him. Now you decide to:

A. Inspect the inside of the wall.

B. Have Fox inspect it, while you make another move on Jill.

C. Confront Fox about your Jilly Vay.

D. Give up; you have no chance of escape or ever getting Jill, just go to a corner and cry alone.

You tell Fox to check everything inside out, with intents on secluding yourself with the lovely Jilly Vay. Sadly, both seem to already been interested in the contents behind the wall. Sadly, you know you'll have to wait for your chance. Inside you find a small note.

You'll need this.

Is the only thing written on the note.

Suddenly the door to the room bursts open and what looks to be five officials pour in, guns aiming towards your group.

You react by:

A. Reaching in and getting whatever else is in the hole.

B. Surrendering to the officials.

C. Trying to run through them.

Without a seconds hesitation, you reach into the wall desperately searching for what is needed. Fox and Jill both take defensive fighting stances.

"What are you doing?" An official yells at you, guns aimed towards your group.

You remain silent as you search for something in the hole, keeping eye contact with the officials but continuing to move your hand around the hole. There's nothing there, and you begin to panic.

"Get your hand out of there or we'll shoot. You've got 5 seconds." The same official says.

You begin to search more desperately as he begins to countdown. Jill and Fox both give you worried looks.

4 seconds. 3 seconds. Still nothing.

2 seconds. Why isn't there anything?

1 second. You feel something! It feels like a small button. You mash on it, but is it too late?

"Times up!" You hear, and next you hear gun shots.

You feel the ground drop beneath you, you hear both Fox and Jill scream, your whole world is spinning and you no longer see any light. Have you been shot? Are you dying?

Suddenly you feel the ground beneath you again, in a rude awakening as you land on your ass in a sudden jolt of pain. You look around in the dimly lit area, seems you've fallen through a trap door. You hear the officials voices trailing from the area above you and know you don't have much more time to react. Jill and Fox seem to have handled the fall well, luckily.

You look down and see there are three paths you can take. Only one of them seems to lead to light. You almost go towards the path, but see something written on the wall.

'Avoid the light.' Is crudely written.

You don't have much time, and you decide to:

A. Head down the path anyway.

B. Randomly pick one of the other two paths.

C. Search for a clue to know which of the other paths to take, despite the risk of getting caught.

D. Split up, having each person head down a different path.

You find yourself to rushed to consider the option of there being a hint helping you pick which of the other paths is the safe one. You find yourself too worried about the officials to care at this point, all you know is 'Avoid the light.' You hear the voices of the officials growing louder, but from where? They aren't coming down the trap door. However you know you can't dwell on the thought.

"Let's go!" You yell, dashing down one of the remaining two paths without thought. Fox and Jill follow you running at top speed.

However, to your dismay you see something etched on the floor as you are running. You watch the floor carefully as you run.

"G" You keep running. "O" You keep running. "B" You keep running. "A" You keep running. "C" You begin to slow. "K" You stop with a sudden halt.

Fox and Jill run past you and turn around looking at you with confusion.


A. Keep running, there's no turning back now.

B. Follow the instructions, as risky as they may seem.

You decide you're willing to risk the officials and go back, you know these clues are here for a reason. There must be something even more dangerous if you continue this path. "We can't go this way." You say, turning around.

"Going back isn't safe." Jill says, "I'm staying on this path." Fox doesn't say anything, but you assume he agrees with her.

You know you don't have time to convince them, it's now or never. You:

A. Split up, you heading towards the other path and letting them risk what lies down this one.

B. Give in, you know you'll be in danger but you can't abandon your party.

C. Attempt to appeal to them, despite the time risk.

You look at your team, knowing you can't risk separation now, despite whatever danger looms ahead.

"Okay, if you guys insist." You say.

The team sets off again down the path at top speeds. Much to your dismay the path gets darker and darker, you have a bad feeling lingering inside. You know something bad is going to happen, but you can barely even see at this point.

The path becomes more narrow, soon you can't even run in a line of three anymore. You're in the middle, with Jill an arms-length ahead of you and Fox an arms-length behind. The further you go the darker it is, the more narrow it is, and even worse, the more putrid it smells. You don't hear the officials chasing after anymore, but you continue running.

Suddenly, Jill screams, and you feel the ground beneath you disappear. You feel tugging at you from both ends. It takes you a moment to realize what's going on. You look down and are horrified, you can see the jagged spikes waiting for you as if this was an elaborate set-up.

Jill is grabbing onto your leg, desperately clinging for life. You feel your leg strain. Fox is holding onto your arm with one hand and holding onto the edge of the drop with his other, you can see he looks strained as well.

You grip Fox's arm, allowing him to have less stress, but he still can't pull you all up.

You decide:

A. Let go, at least one member of your party will survive.

B. Attempt to reach down with your other hand and pull Jill up and have her climb to the top and pull you up.

C. Kick Jill off, Fox should be able to pull the you and himself up.

D. Look at Fox with Jill pathetically, putting the pressure on him and giving him the motivation to get all of you up.

Instinctively you try to move your other arm down to help Jill. She reaches towards you hand with her other hand. However it just doesn't seem like the two of you can reach each other in your current position. You continue to stretch further and further as does Jill. For a split second you feel your fingertips touch her's.

However, suddenly your grip on Fox's arm gives way. The sudden movement also causes Jill's grip on your leg to give way as well.

"NO!" Fox screams, seeming deeply concerned.

You feel his hand grip your arm tightly. He looks even more pressured than before, you know he won't last much longer. He can't manage the strength to pull all three of you to safety. Jill is barely hanging onto the bottom of your leg, her own grip fading fast. You know you are unable to try the previous action again.


A. Look at Jill with sorrow, asking her to let go.

B. Give Jill a solemn nod, then turn to Fox and say goodbye, telling him to let you and Jill go.

C. Wait for the end.

You feel your body strain from pressure. It feels unbearable. You know the others are undergoing the same physical strain. There's no way any of you will survive at this rate. Suddenly a thought crosses your mind. You try to ignore it, the thought is too cruel. However you know it's the only way you will be able to survive.

'Jill...please let go...' is what you want to ask. But asking her to kill herself for you seems so selfish, you can barely stand the thought. However as you feel your hand sweat more and slip, you know that's your only option.

You try to fight back tears as you turn towards Jill. "Jill..." You begin.

Jill interrupts you. "I know." She says as she let's go.

"JILL!" You and Fox scream simultaneously.

You watch as Jill's body is managed and destroyed by the spikes below. The pain of what you have just done begins to eat at you from the inside.

You want to die.

You let go of Fox, hoping to do just that. You expect to fall to your death, but you feel Fox's grip on you tighten. You look up towards him, and know he's hurt as well.

"No." He says as he manages to pull the two of you up.

The two of you catch your breath at the top, sitting on the floor in despair.


A. Allow yourself to cry, you know Fox will too.

B. Sit silently, hoping the pain of loss disappears.

C. Get up, you've got to get moving.

D. Punch Fox. You can't channel your emotions well right now.

You stand up, your emotions still running wild. You take second to stop the tears welling in your eyes. Fox has stood up as well.

"We've got to get moving." You say.

"You sure you're okay?" He asks.

You aren't okay, but you know you need to continue. "I'm fine." You say, as you begin walking path down the path.

Fox follows silently

Neither of you run, you don't hear the officials anymore. When you eventually make it back to the original three way split, you begin to walk down the remaining path you should have taken in the first place. You walk for a good hour, wondering just how far this path is going to take you. It's obscenely dark and the place gives you the chills. However you've been alert and seen no clues or hints anywhere, so you know this is the path you need to take. You continue walking and finding nothing, you begin to feel hungry and fatigued.


A. Go back, this is leading nowhere.

B. Continue on the path, fatigue and all.

C. Stop, rest, and chat.

You can feel the hunger and fatigue getting to you, and know you need to rest or else risk passing out. You stop, and Fox stops as well.

"What's up?" He asks.

"I think we should take a break. This looks like it could be a while, and I need to rest." You say honestly.

"That's fine by me. It doesn't look like the officials are worrying about us any longer." He replies.

You sit down, and lean against one of the walls for support. Fox leans against the wall opposite from you. Now that you look at him, he doesn't seem too upset about Jill dying at all. He actually looks to be in a good mood. You get a bit angry about this.

"Why are you so perky? Jill just freaking died." You yell in annoyance, catching Fox by surprise.

"Well I..." Fox trails off, not really having a response.

"You know, as far as I'm concerned it's your fault!" You let your anger boil.

"W-what?!" He responds in surprise.

"Yes, it's all your fault. First you wanted to go the wrong way, then you couldn't pull us all up!" You rant.

You expect Fox to defend himself and are already plotting your next response. "I-I'm sorry." He apologizes.

"Well you," You begin with a shout, but stop once you process what he said. "Did you just say you're sorry?" You ask.

"I am." He says sadly.

The two of you sit in silence for a long time. Eventually you feel like you're ready to walk again.


A. Get up, and continue walking as if nothing happened.

B. Stay down, and give yourself more time to cool off.

C. Apologize and continue on your path.

You now know that you're ready and re-energized. However, you've also had the time to cool off a little bit and realize it might have been too harsh to blame Fox for Jill's death. You decide that you should probably apologize for that outburst before heading back down the path. You hate apologizing and aren't too good at it, so you aren't sure how to start off.

"Hey Fox I--" You begin, sounding as if you have something important to say.

However you find yourself quickly cut off. Fox doesn't seem to be in a good mood or even a depressed mood at this point. He simply seems all around angry.

"I don't want to hear it." He says, not hiding his frustration.

"But I--" You try to interject, knowing full well that you need to apologize if he's this upset.

However, Fox doesn't give you the chance to do so.

"Listen. I don't care what you have to say. The second we get to safety; we're breaking apart. Whenever you're ready to get moving again, just get up. If you're ready now, then we'll go now. If not, I'm taking a nap." He says, quickly and coldly.

You sit in silence for a few minutes, not knowing how to react. You decide to.

A. Get up and get moving. This isn't worth it. You'll be able to get through this alone.

B. If he's going to sleep, you might as as well.

C. Let him go to sleep, then read his journal you still have pocketed to blackmail him.

D. Attempt to talk to him again, even though he's most likely going to shut you out.

You stay down, hinting that you're fine with resting. He leans back against the wall and closes his eyes. You do the same, only without any intentions of falling asleep. You wait for a little while, and soon you assume he's fallen asleep. You slowly open an eye to see that he has fallen asleep. He doesn't look like he's sleeping very peacefully though, probably having a nightmare based on his facial expression.

You take this chance to finally catch up on a little bit of 'light reading' you've been meaning to get to. You shift through your items, finally coming across what you're looking for. The journal you pocketed from Fox earlier, before you were even captured. You open it, but you have a hard time reading it with the current lighting situation. You shift through the pages to see how long it is, while you wait for your eyes to adjust so you can read it. You see that there isn't as much written in it as you would have expected.

However, your eyes finally adjust and you start from the beginning. You find it's written in a little 'Captain's Log' format, which you laugh at. You quickly hush yourself, checking to make sure Fox didn't wake up. You see he's still having troubles with whatever nightmare he's having.

The first few pages are boring, from the looks of things, Fox doesn't update this much except with important things. His father being announced dead, him going on to defeat Andross, meeting Krystal, defeating the Aparoids. Pretty boring stuff. You continue skimming through quicker, disappointed that you're finding nothing that could be used to blackmail him. You continue on.

Another fight with Star Wolf, attending Krystal's funeral, going to---wait, Krystal's funeral? You don't remember that happening in any of the games. You begin to backtrack some, looking for when exactly this happened. Much to your surprise, you find in your reading that Fox and Krystal were having their fare share of relationship problems. Except...Fox seemed to take them a bit too seriously...and he murdered her!? You can't believe what you're reading. This is the perfect thing to blackmail him with.

You continue on, finding it fairly interesting. You keep on reading and find out Falco seemed to find out about the murder at some point. You flip the page. Well then, seems Fox murdered him too in order to cover his tracks. However it appears he didn't do a good job when you find that he murdered his entire crew.

You start skimming again. Seems he did end up getting away with it though, but he complains about it haunting him. You guess that's why he's having these nightmares.

You decide to:

A. Go to sleep for now, you've got the blackmail ready when you wake.

B. Blackmail?! He's probably just going to kill you, just let him break off later.

C. This guy is dangerous, let's get going now.

Surskit Option: Well, without Krystal he's single...make a move on him!