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20three was one of Board 8's more noteworthy users of the 2010 Character Battle. He was noted on the Serious Business Podcast as one of the new users to look out for. He also threatened to leave the site over Ulti (but never actually did, of course) for reasons only he can understand, much like how only ertyu can understand ertyu.

Remember that topic I made about the mods? It got like 200 posts dude...

Should I have ever heard of Amaterasu?[]

20three became widely known around the board for referring to Amaterasu as "this horse" in one of the whining topics during Ammy's match.

"Sonic will probably get his ass kicked if this horse is beating shadow." - 20three

Favorite Song From a Band Contest:[]

20three ran a favorite song from a rock band contest for 50 days before handing it off to SephG. If votals for the contest were low, he had a habit of bumping with frowny faces, which was slightly annoying.

Results of the contest can be found here.

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20 3s

20 3s