Board 8 Wiki

A 501 topic, referring to a topic that gets more than the standard 500 posts upon closing, happens in one of three ways:

  • A mod or an Admin posts after the 500th post has been reached. Since they are not limited by a topic being closed, they can post for however long they like.
  • If multiple users post at the exact same moment, GameFAQs will not register the topic as closed until the messages go through. This is less likely to happen these days because GameFAQs as a whole is a lot faster than it used to be, and thus it is harder to time these correctly, much less them happening on their own.
  • If a board is shared with GameSpot, posting in a topic from the GameSpot side will not lock a topic, no matter how large the topic is. Topics have been known to reach tens of thousands of posts from this method.

In reference to Board 8, you will see them every so often because we have a couple of regular mods floating about the board. They really aren't a big deal on the board.